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My daughter's pets
Fudge raised his hackles and hissed, "Oh no, she's brought home a puppy."

Charlie stretched and yawned. "What's your problem. We've always had a dog."

"Molly wasn't just a dog, she was our Mum." Fudge paced in front of the sofa, his claws making that pitter-pat on the laminate.

"Not really. She was a dog and we're catzzz." Charlie pawed the cushions to make himself more comfortable.

"Hi guys, I'm Teddy. I'm excited to meet you. So excited I've just peed." Teddy made a dive for the sofa, landing on Charlie's tail. "Move over. I just want to cuddle you. Can we play pawsies?"

The claws came out. Swipe! "My sofa." Charlie stretched out longer in an effort to mark his ownership.

Teddy jumped all over Charlie. "This is fun."

Fudge trotted out the door. Clang!

"What's that?" Teddy raced after the cat. "Oh, there's a door." As hard as he squeezed, he couldn't get through the cat flap. He went back to the sofa to annoy Charlie some more. Then he did the inevitable.

"Pooh! You're supposed to do that outside." Charlie covered his nose with his paw. "I'm not taking the blame for that. I know my manners."

Ting, ting, ting! "Teddy, teatime." The little cockerpoo raced to the kitchen.

Charlie stretched out again "I'll have mine later. I need a ssssleep."

Some chance. It took only seconds for the pup to slip-slide back to the sofa. "Oh no, not you again." Charlie yawned.

In the days that followed Fudge all but left home, coming in only to eat. Charlie continued in his efforts to protect his precious sofa.

teddy dived onto Charlie who cried out, "Enough!" With all his strength and all his paws he pushed. Taken unawares, Teddy fell to the floor.

"Yooew!" He tried to find his paws. "Yooew!"

"What is it precious?" Mum picked him up. He was in so much pain he felt like biting. Instead he cried. "Oh dear, you've hurt your leg. It's the vet's for you baby."

"Yes! He's gone. Fudge, you can come back in. The Tedster has left the building."

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