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Know thy inner daemon; and may ye discover genius again...
They will say that the moment cannot be pinned.
That for genius to flow it cannot be summoned
and that only when one is so unaware
is the time from which no time can even compare.

But why cannot ye take control of the tap
where eternities spring as if they won't come back?
"For a man's mind rewards him forgetting all truths."
Swimming senility while reaching for youth?

But I'd rather state that mine genius in tact
has been tempered through many a blade quite exact.
Though too many squander away riches deep
for surface illusions where death tends to creep.

The message is there for the ones who will hear.
Messenger slayed as the hierophant jeers.
Why is he dead? Has he disappeared?
The message is red,
to be READ
to be feared.

For he who has bonds to genius
possesses immortal friends
with insurpassable demons
to guard all means and ends...
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