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Lots of candy at the Halloween house. What else does it have to offer?
"Boo!" Sandy spoke loudly and jumped out from behind the corner. Mike screamed loudly.

"You scared me! Not fair. I'll tell mommy," Mike pouted wearing a bee costume.

"Oh, come on. You are such a wimp. How will you handle the Halloween house?" Sandy taunted.

"It's time. Come back because we are ready to enter," Sophie, their mom, called out.

"Awesome! I can't wait to get a lot of candy," Mike said.

As they entered the Halloween house a spider suddenly fell and landed on top of Sandy's head. She screamed as the robot's legs moved in a creepy crawly style. Mike laughed in relief, glad he wasn't the one to face it. Sandy growled at him in disgust before Sophie took off the robotic spider and giggled herself. Then Sandy started laughing too. After they were done they went forward.

Mike gulped as he looked at a funny looking green face as they walked to the other end of a room. The nose was elongated and the ears were pointy. Beside the goblin was a huge pot full of candy. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go near but the candy looked enticing. The goblin cackled and took out a hand full of candy.

"Happy Halloween!" Goblin Blake said, smiling under the mask.

"Trick or treat. Thank you for the candy," Sandy and Mike said.

"Next stop is up these stairs," Blake said.

They turned and started up the stairs. Suddenly a creaking noise could be heard. Mike gulped but continued on. The creaking noises stopped once they were up the stairs. An old witch greeted them.

"Greetings, my fellow cat and dog. May I treat you to a couple handful of candy?" Witch Perry asked.

"Yes please. Thank you," Sandy and Mike said, delighted.

The witch gave each of them a couple handful of candy. Mike snuck in a York mint patty into his mouth and nodded his approval. A stern look from his mother told him it wasn't time to eat the candy yet. He blushed in embarrassment. Then they followed the direction the witch was pointing into a room filled with spider webs. Sandy freaked out a little bit thinking they were real. Her mother convinced her though that everything was okay and the spider webs weren't real. They had one more person to meet and needed to go down the stairs on the other side of the room to meet that person.

"Just take my hand and together we can walk through the spider webs," Sophie said.

Slowly they weaved their way to the other side of the room. Once on the other side the two played with a plastic skeleton. The lights went out suddenly and that skeleton glowed in the dark. Mike loved it. So did Sandy. Then the lights went back on and the skeleton resumed it's normal position. Then they walked down the stairs with bats hanging above their heads.

"Happy Halloween! You can have four handful of candy," a group of four werewolves said together in unison. Sure enough, there was a pile of candy behind them.

"Now for through that corridor and you'll be out before you know it. Just watch out for ghosts. This place is haunted," a werewolf said.

A knock on the wall could be heard as they started down the corridor. Nobody around could be seen as they continued to walk through. Soon they reached the door, but the door was locked and needed a key. So they decided to turn around only to find two ghosts behind them. One ghost came up to Sophie and whispered in her ear.

"In order to have the right key, you need to say the password," one ghost said.

"Happy Halloween!" Sophie said and the other ghost unlocked the door.

Prompt: Not so scary story with children or teens in it.
Word count: 633
Contest: "Not So Scary Halloween Contest
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