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The premise of my 2022 NaNo Novel - Chains of Prayer
Character names:
Mary Lilith
Sister Mary Catherine

I came up with this list of names for nuns – but there is also nothing saying it has to be a Catholic church. It’s not a Catholic church after all. It has its own rules and its own way of life. That will make it even easier for the sisters(?) or whoever they are, to take these children who are from broken homes or homes where they might have otherwise been put into the foster care system. Of course, this cult-like church would not want that. They cannot see any of their young escape from the church.

Father Daniel Robert

Emma Crumb (this will not be her name, but just to give her a last name, that’s it for now) Emma’s daughter was taken by the nuns. Emma had a drug problem. She is now clean and wants her daughter back. The nuns will not allow it, however. If they let any of the children out, they will be exposed.
One-sentence description of story: A recovered drug addict looks to get her daughter back from the church that has taken them away.
The story takes place in modern day America, probably somewhere in the Midwest.
The protagonist’s major flaw is she is a former drug addict. She does not have any close family and thinks there is no one to help her get her daughter back. Of course she does not trust the police, so she will not go to them. She doubts herself and has low self-esteem. She sees the church as all-powerful. She will have a very hard time going against the church to get her daughter back, but she is determined to get her and get out of the church, which may mean both of their lives.
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