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multi-verses, multi-choices for poetry challenge

Multi-verses, multi-choices

They say
That the world
Is actually a multiverse
Of possible worlds.

Every time we choose
To do one thing or another
A new time line
A new world comes true.

But it is also true
That other possible worlds
Are created where we
Made other choices.

When I met my wife
The love of my life
I had a choice

I could have ran away
Thinking this woman
Is crazy

And then my life would have been
So different if I had made
That wrong choice

In the end all that matters
Is we chose each other
And created our own reality

I would love to see
What would have happened
If we had made other choices

But alas we can only see
The world that we created
Through out choices

So make sure
You make the right choice
That makes all the difference
In the world.



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