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That war’s ugliest traits are a betrayal of our glorious troops - an inspirational poem.
We shall amply relay an orderly service -
Pertaining to missions so brisk with no smile! 
Primary needs like energy, purpose -
Making it seem as if life voiced a style…
A timeless peace will hopefully follow…
The opportune challenge, an honorable time -
Doleful connections shall not make us wallow;
Our predisposition was heartbreak in time!

Perhaps the continuum, try not to fail,
Needlessly said as the president slips -
Every damn trait of this war’s a betrayal,
Leading someday to an apocalypse;
The meaningful measure of a patriot’s tour
Is justice and freedom, to stridently serve;
Those 20 long years - a fabulous war -
Preventing attacks and solely preserve!

Sane attempts to facilitate goals,
And justify venomous tours of duty,
Should clearly save friends the world extols,
And wonders we cherish, like faith, kicking booty…
The feverish haste by which we then left
Is deemed inconsolable, and damaged our nation.
But souls are less tricky - ideas bereft…
It’s sheer sacrifice: most every occasion…

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