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Somewhere along the way I wrote this.
The cracks in the sidewalk are the hardest to cross over. They cause my wheels to wobble and sometimes I get stuck in them. That's when my rider goes flying off and lands in the dirt. She usually gets right back on and off we go racing to the next mishap. I have a good life as a skateboard and have been many places and soared over many obstacles. My rider has taken me on many adventures and sometimes we both get banged up. She gets a few scrapes and I get a broken wheel. After a bandage for her and a new wheel for me we are off again. Yes, my rider is a girl, and she is a skateboard champion and together we have many trophies. We have always competed and win or lose have become good friends. You ask how can one be friends with a skateboard? Simple, we go everywhere together, school, the park and best of all the skateboard park. She makes sure I am clean, and my wheels are oiled. She lets me sleep at the foot of her bed every night. My rider's name is Sarah, and she calls me Lucky. I guess it is silly to name a skateboard, but her other friends have names.

Lately I have noticed that we don't go outside as much. She has started wearing dresses and spends a lot of time with the boy next door his name is Jed. He doesn't ride skateboards he is a football player. I don't know why she hangs out with him so much. I hope that soon we can go for a ride, my wheels are getting squeaky, and I am stiff from leaning against the wall. I feel like I have been forgotten and I miss Sarah and the fun we had. As I sit her and watch, Sarah is getting ready for school, she reaches for her backpack, and I wait for her to pick me up. She makes her way to the bedroom door and opens it. She walks out and I am left alone again. I am growing old and rusty, and Sarah is growing up. I watch the clock on the dresser, it will soon be time for Sarah to get home from school. To my surprise when she opens the door Jed is with her. Sarah and Jed talk for a long time. Then Jed said, "I didn't know you liked to skateboard." Sarah nods and speaks. "Yes, when I was younger, I could ride all day on Lucky." "I used to skateboard when I was younger too. Jed replied. Maybe we could ride together sometime." "I am too old for riding now.". Sarah answered. With that the conversation ended and Jed left. I sat there realizing maybe that was why she didn't ride anymore she thought I wasn't up to it; I was too old.

One day Sarah came into her room and picked me up. She took me outside and next door to Jed's. He was waiting in the garage for us. She handed me to him, and he took my four wheels off and replaced them with new shiny ones. He took some sandpaper and scraped all the rust off. Then he put a new coat of paint on me. I felt like I did when Sarah first brought me home from the store. I could see the reflection in the mirror, it was a new me. Jed took his skateboard down from the shelf, he and Sarah went outside. They held hands as we all raced down the sidewalk laughing and once again having fun. I was so happy to be with Sarah again. We skateboarded till nightfall, and it was time to go inside. That night as Sarah got ready for bed, she looked at me and said. "Sorry. old friend I will never leave you again." Of course, when she got married to Jed and they moved away I was right there in the moving van. On my way to another adventure with a new rider, Cody, their son.
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