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by Anna
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Taking a trip downtown seems nice? The time ticks, will they make it back home in time?
Everybody was getting into their cars. All going above 50 mph. Rushing. Hoping they would make it back in time. Frightened. Day and night wondering who would be next. Whether they were going to go. Or if their life would be spared for another night. It was only a matter of time.

Me and my son went quickly to the nearest market. Not that there would be anything there to buy because it would be all gone however, it was worth a try. We pulled up to it and I parked. I rushed out from my door and ran to the back of my car, where my son was sitting. Smiling. He reached out his hand. I grabbed it and lifted him out.

We sprinted into the shop and the same woman was there. There were hardly any people around. Except from the lady in the shop and an elderly gentleman who sat outside. I grabbed as much as I could and told my son he could get anything and take it home. He ended up getting a small toy tiger. I bought them all and hopped in my car. Just as I was re - versing the elderly gentleman who was outside came up to me. He rushed his walking stick tapping the floor.

"Do you have a room to spare? Please. I have nowhere to go. I'm all alone." He wore sunglasses and a large brown hat that covered most of his face. His mouth crunched up and his hands fell together.

"I'm sorry, I can't afford it."

"I'll pay for it. Ma'am please."

I drove away from the man. As fast as I could. He was screaming:
"They'll get me. Tonight, is my last!" Everybody was inside their houses by now. Doors locked. Windows shut.

I rushed home. The sun was setting. Would I have enough time to lock everything? I drove. As fast as I could. They would be out soon. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. All I care about is my son. I have no other family. And if I were to go tonight. He would become an orphan. Where would he go? That was a question I never want to hear the answer to.

I pulled up in my driveway. Got out and left the car door open an inch. Rushed to the back and grabbed my son. Unlocked my door and ran in the house. There is no change in the house. Things are tipped over. Just as before. Dust is everywhere. I get into the basement and light a candle. There is a small window. The sun is now almost gone and in 5 minutes the moon will be up. I tuck my son into bed and tell him to get to sleep as quick as possible.

"Mum, I forgot him."

"Who Danny?" I asked, leaning down beside him stroking his cheek.

"Tiger, I left him in the car."

"I'm sure he'll be okay."

"But mum, the people will get him, those we never speak of."

I look up, the sun is just about set. Should I risk it? Every second is one wasted.

"Please mum. I can't go to sleep without him."

"Okay." I get up and unlock the basement door. "And don't move." He nods. I run to my front door and unlock it. Rushed to my car. *Where is it? * I think to myself. I felt like tearing my car apart. I found it. I rush inside. The moon has raised.

Locking the door, I ran. Thankfully, at that moment I know I'm safe. For now. I sprinted down into the basement and lock it putting 2 large padlocks on it. That would hold them.

"Did you get him?" I hear from the darkness. I can see his dark silhouette in the misty light.

"Yes, Danny, here." I hand him Tiger.

"Thanks mum."

"You're welcome." A soft smile spreads across my face and his eyes light up. "Go to sleep now, okay?"


Just as he drifts off to sleep, I hear chains rattling. The front door. Is it my time to go? I gently get up off of the cold floor and add a few extra padlocks on the basement. I don't wake my son. I just pick Tiger up and place it beside him.

I realize that I can do nothing now. I could've padlocked the door as extra protection. I can't change anything. As the noise grows louder. My son doesn't wake. My time, I believe has come. But I can't tell my son how sorry I truly am.

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