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by Naomi
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Making Happy Baskets inspires me to write this topic about Happiness.
My greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of my life in which The Most High has placed me, but, for me Happiness is the result of a good conscience, good health, have something to do and love what I am doing and freedom in all endeavors.

I am happy to be me. Happiness must be a universal priority in every location and for every person. Whatever is.....
happening everyone should be determined to respond happily.

I accept responsibility for my own happiness. Life is full of adventure and meaning. Discovering this truth enlightens me to be enthusiastic for moving forward with eagerness, with a smile.

I know that no one is free of problems but I believe that every problem has its corresponding solution. It is important that I need to accept my imperfections
and there is no need for me to despair because I can only spread Happiness if I stop believing being a victim of my own despair.

I must listen to my inner voice. It can never ever guide me wrongly. Every situation carries a blessing. No happening can be more than I can handle.

I do something that I love. I love something that I do and the reward is truly an enormous happiness. The mere fact that I am doing something is a. BIG blessing. I do rejoice in this truth and in everything that I am doing, I also do believe in my capacity for goodness, that I have a purpose.

A loving heart, a caring spirit, a clear conscience means TRUE HAPPINESS
to me. Nothing or no one can take it away from me. I keep living confident that I am doing the best I can be, that I am precious because I am a child of
The Most High.

I keep on loving, respecting myself so I can keep on loving and respect others who are also travellers in this journey
called life.

When I am alone? I pray. I hum a tune. I sing. I read. I write. I whistle the favorite song of the family. I make Happy Baskets. I give thanks to Mama Mary, to The Most High, with a grateful heart. I can never be lonely. I am a firm
believer of the words:
Also, it is always wise to be nice and
HAPPINESS is my prize.

I celebrate each day not with a feast or food array but with a Thank You Prayer to Dearest GOD and Mama Mary , to say Thank You for Everything and strongly affirming that possibilities are endless including my TRUE HAPPINESS.

YES ! HAPPINESS is for me, for
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