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by Naomi
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Alone But Not Lonely (A Prose)

Days are not always the same. Sometimes it is full of sadness , even hatred, anger, bitterness ,.loneliness and grief occur in our lives.

In my aloneness, I love to capture the bliss of the past memories not only the happy ones but also the sad ones.

There were times when I asked myself
"Where did I go wrong that such experience happened, that the pain pierched down to the deepest chamber of my heart and why such person has the courage to hurt me that much, intentionally or un-intentionally , it does not make any difference. The pain remains the same.

It is in my aloneness that I shed tears freely and Yes ! it does help ease the pain. It is in my aloneness that I pray
to GOD and MAMA MARY to heal me, mind, body and spirit. It is in my aloneness that I gain a marvelous capacity and the power to choose which experience shall I let go and which I keep.

It is in my aloneness that I consider past as past, that I need to forgive those who hurt me and I also need to forgive myself in dwelling with the pain. It is in my aloneness that I discover HOPE for a better today and a wonderful tomorrow, letting go of all the regrets.

It is in my aloneness that I gain words of wisdom that formed into sentences, paragraphs and more paragraphs of writings which I love to be doing.

It is in my aloneness that I can determine the direction I am heading to win in this journey of mine. It is in my alonenes that after each tear being shed, my tomorrow will be brighter and all will be well and that I can give a beautiful smile to everyone I cross-path.

It is in my aloneness that I figure out my life's journey towards Serenity that I can have peace within, answering my questions and finding a radiant truth of an authentic.spiritual wholeness.

Finally , in my aloneness, my faith strengthens and eases my heart, accepting good times and bad times as parts of my being alive.

Thank You LORD for Everything !
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