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by Rojodi
Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #2284001
Last one, I hope
Oct 27 Plot Outline3
I. Beginning
A. She Walked Into The Office
1. Years had been kind to her
2. The pain returned
3. He sensed something amiss
B. Remembering Her
1. Meeting her
2. The prom
3. The letter
C. The Rings, Balthazar’s
1. The story
2. The England life
3. The surname changes
II. Middle
A. The Cult And Covens
1. Beginnings
2. Members
3. Hathorne’s entrance
B. Hathorne’s Reasonings
1. Family pride
2. Need for power
3. No longer in father’s shadow
C. Longfellow Emergence
1. Realization he is needed
2. Ghosts speak
3. She needs him
4. Her family needs him
III. End
A. She’s Kidnapped
1. Unexpected
2. He knows who
3. He knows where
4. He rushes
B. Gaspar and Melchior
1. They were real
2. Balthazar speaks
3. The Fourth is revealed
4. He’s had it all along
C. Found All Four
1. In the family home
2. At grandmother’s
3. Exchange for her
4. Arrest but not the Hathorne
D. Revenge
1. Her husband needed them more
2. He finds the soon-to-be-ex
3. Guns pointed
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