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I meet my aunt in the Graveyard at the stroke of Midnight.
I walked and walked with determined steps to find my aunt's grave by midnight at this particular graveyard. I've promised to come someday to see her just as she was sooner or later. Now, rather than later, was a good time to come. The graveyard was so big I didn't know where to look or where to begin so I walked and walked at the stroke before midnight. Deep down inside I expected to find her grave in perfect shape as well as her ghost. I kept on walking. Up and down the hills I went as I explored the graveyard in search for my aunt. I just kept on walking.

What will I do when I meet her? Will she be mad at me? The sting of hurt and pain when she passed away never left me. I miss her deeply and what could I do but to go out and meet her buried under dirt. I walked and thought about words I could say to her. She'll be having a good time in heaven while I struggled on the Earth. I continued to walk and looked at the graves. None were hers but I wasn't giving up the search.

"You're here," a voice called to me at the stroke of midnight.

Here I am, I thought as I looked around. As if I was expecting her this whole entire time. In the middle of the graveyard where she was buried, I walked and walked as if I wanted this meeting to happen. I didn't know why. Whenever I drew close to her graveyard it seemed to jump and move to a different place. So I walked on. Now there was her ghost in front of me, so I stopped walking.

"I miss you so much," I cried with tears pouring down my face. Why I was there at midnight was still unclear.

"The sting will never go away. You just have to learn to live with it. I know how much it hurts, but joy is in heaven," my aunt said and then made a move to touch me.

I saw her hand come close and didn't know what to expect. Despite the cool air all around me I suddenly felt all warm inside. It was as if the touch of heaven came down and warmed me up. I blinked my eyes and the ghost of my aunt disappeared.

"No!" I cried out and then woke up sweating. I hoped I didn't yell out loud.

Prompt: Walking in a graveyard at midnight in a dream
Word count: 431
Contest: "THINK ABOUT IT!!
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