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A priest must transcend realms to fight the ultimate battle.
Priest Thaylus wept before the body of his acolyte that lay cold. Thaylus’ tears fell on the body. After shedding more minutes, his sadness turned to rage as he clenched his teeth and squeezed his fists. He shook himself and subdued is emotions. “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord,” he said, quoting from scripture.

Thaylus rose and saw Doren, another priest, come running to him in the long, narrow cathedral with high, vaulted ceilings supported by smooth, polished stone.

“Priest Thaylus, the king is threatening to demolish the Grand Cathedral!” said Doren.

“He is a man who is jealous of God. What of the latest casualties of the servants of God?”

“The king’s forces have killed four more members of the congregation and two priests. I found Priest Darvy and Priest Salem dead in their homes,” Doren replied.

“This civil war will destroy the whole kingdom!” said Thaylus.

“What will we do?”

Thaylus exhaled deeply. “We must hold fast to faith and hope in God.” Thaylus ran a palm down his face and rubbed his eyes. “I am tired. I must have rest. We have to keep praying and pleading.”

Thaylus exited the cathedral. He walked towards his house and a child picked up a small stone and threw it at Thaylus.

“My father says you are a brute!” said the child.

Thaylus lowered his head and trudged to his meager home where he laid on his soft cot. “Oh, Lord, how many more must die?” The priest closed his eyes and slept.

Suddenly, Thaylus found himself on tall mountain that gleamed like brass. Flying all around were chariots of fire with shining beings riding on them. They had the appearance of a man. One of the beings descended from the sky and landed before Thaylus.

“I am Nerith, messenger of God.”

“Is this some type of vision?” asked Thaylus.

“No. This is the third heaven where warfare has effected Earth.”

Thaylus widened his eyes. “Why am I here?”

“You have been chosen to help in the war.” Nerith stretched forth his hands and a glistening blade appeared. “Take this.”

Thaylus took the sword and one of the chariots came down on the mountain.

“Do not worry, Thaylus. It is safe,” said Therin.

Thaylus inched his way onto the chariot and the flames gave him a surge of power like lightning was coursing through his veins. His mindset was altered, and all fear fled and he felt braveness melt away his complacent hesitation.

The firmament strobed with lighting with every clash of sword battle between the warriors of light and darkness.

Nerith pointed to a floating castle that was black and had a sheen like an onyx stone. “That is the Stronghold of Iniquity. It’s where the general of the evil opponents of God dwells. He controls the mind of the ruler of your kingdom. If we defeat him, your king will be free from the wicked general’s grasp.”

Thaylus felt more than ready to take on the spiritual foes and his chariot was on an intercept course with another chariot from the other side. In one pass, Thaylus clashed swords with an enemy sword and there was a crack of lightning that erupted in multiple directions.

Both chariots swung back around. When they passed again, Thaylus jumped onto the other chariot and attacked the driver.

“Your God must be getting desperate,” said the angel.

Thaylus ignored him and slashed at his chest but the blow was blocked by a shield of white fire. The angel lost his grip on the reins and the fiery horses tipped sideways casing the chariot to tilt.

Both gripped the railing and dangled over an empty abyss. The evil angel had dropped his sword as he held the rail with both hands. Thaylus held onto his sword while grasping the railing with the other hand. He pierced the angel’s side and he grabbed the wound with a hand and Thaylus kicked the foe’s hip and he let go plummeting into the vast darkness.

Thaylus was about to lose his hold on the rail when Therin came from underneath Thaylus and caught him.

“The enemies’ main flank has been separated! We can cut through the gap and go straight for the stronghold!”

Thaylus’ chariot dashed for the gates of the immense castle and landed on the semi-circular threshold.

Thaylus and Therin go off and approached the gates.

“How do we get in?” asked Thaylus.

Suddenly, the gates lifted and there was an echoing voice. “Come in if you dare.”

The companions entered fearlessly, regardless of the taunt. They walked up some stairs and came to a grey stoned throne with a being in an azure, hooded cloak. The figure stood and raised a staff and a blue fireball went propelling for Thaylus and Therin.

Therin tried to perry the projectile but the attack drove Thaylus and Therin backwards.

The general raised his staff and Therin floated into the air gripping his neck as if he was being strangled.

Thaylus knelt and prayed.

The general laughed as he cast Therin against the wall.

Thaylus charged at the powerful foe but he waved his staff and Thaylus’s legs were encased in ice.

“Now to end it,” said the general as he neared Thaylus.

In a flash of light another angel with great eagle’s wings appeared.

“General Michael!” said Therin.

The arch angel made quick work of the foe as he was pierced in the stomach with a long, fiery sword.

The stronghold began to quake and crumble.

“We are victorious, Thaylus. You may return to your realm,” said Michael.


Before Thaylus could speak a further word, he was in his house. He stepped out and saw the town crier before him. “The king submits to you, priest Thaylus. He deeply regrets his actions and from now on the church will be his guardian and advisor.”

And the realm had a continuing rejoicing from then on, but Thaylus would keep his experience a secret.

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