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A mother of two who's more than she looks has to make last minute dinner for her daughters
The refrigerator slams shut in frustration, hiding its missing contents. Debra is a single mother to two daughters who both need special attention and accommodations, which is caused by something she passed down to them. Regardless, they were out of food, but they still needed to eat dinner.

"Looks like it's another late run. What is this, ten now?" Debra whispered to herself, contemplating the amount of times she's needed to make a late-night supper run in just the last year. "I'm heading out for dinner!"

After a few moments, she heard the distant responses from Daisy and Anna and she grabbed her purse, stopping in the mirror to clean herself up quickly. For a woman of her age, Debra wasn't too bad. She was pudgy by quite a bit, but other than that, she was sexy. Massive, firm breasts, huge thighs, a tight ass, a pretty face, long legs, she was a hit, if only slightly past her prime.

Satisfied, she walked out of the house and got into her car. Debra only drove for about five minutes, but she flew straight past the supermarket and kept going until she hit a bar. There were dozens in her area, which was lucky for her because she couldn't do this trick too often. Stepping through the doors, she started looking around for talent. Tons of good men, but she only ever did that once, and now she's hesitant to ever do it again, so she starts looking for women instead. Young women, married women, even other MILFs like her. Debra knew she could pull any of them. And that's when she saw the perfect snack.

Sitting in the corner of the bar, slowly sipping beer alone, was a hot, young woman, nearly the same age as her daughters. She was asian, in shape, but still petite. She was scrolling through her phone, her face full of sadness and introspection. Perfect.

"Are you doing okay, sweetie?" Debra asked as she slid into the bar seat next to her. The girl was pulled from her thoughts and it took her a moment to respond.

"Yeah.....yeah," she said, quietly. "It's just some personal stuff I'm going through."

"Do you need to talk about it?"


The bathroom was empty, with every stall wide open except one, the same stall that muffled, yet unmistakable moans were coming from. Debra had talked her all the way down, listening to some story of her falling out with her best friend, only half paying attention. Then, once she was ensnared, it was easy to convince her that the best thing to do is to just have fun in the moment, and that escalated to where they are now. Debra was making out slowly with a woman over a decade younger than her and things were picking up. The girl's firm hands feeling her entire body, her breasts, her ass, even her tummy, which caused Debra to shiver. Eventually, the girl wanted to start going all the way, and convinced Debra to take off her skit and her underwear, which is the last part Debra needs to worry about.

"Now I need to warn you really quickly, I do have a certain deal down there," Debra said meekly, playing up her shyness.

"I can't see anything from here," the young woman said positively. "What is it?"

"I will be blunt and honest.....I have....a penis," she admitted, still playing up her reluctance to talk about it.

"You....what? I can't see anything, you're not making any sense," the girl retorted.

"Sit down," Debra said softly.

"What?" the woman asked.

"Sit on the toilet cover," Debra replied firmly, which persuaded the girl just enough to sit with a sigh.

"This better not be some weird joke," she snapped. With the girl sitting, Debra closed her eyes and started to moan. If the young woman was hearing it right, she thought she heard some churning and some sloshing too. Then, eyes still closed, she stepped forward, legs straddling the woman's thighs, Debra holding her crotch right above the lady's lap. Debra pushed extra hard and gave a grunt, which coinciding with the shock of the girl's life. Her pussy opened like she was giving birth to something the size of a watermelon but as she quickly pushed it out, it slapped into the girl's lap. Following it up, she discovered that a stretched flap of skin connected it to Debra's body. Sticky, covered in discharge, and warm as hell, Debra's testicle pulsed and churned like a machine.

"What....is...I....uh," she stuttered out in shock, feeling both trapped and incredibly wet.

"That's one of my nuts, the other is still up there. Go ahead, feel it."

The girl didn't know what to say, and immediately began to explore this single nut in her lap, she tried to lift it but found it a bit too heavy, so instead she leaned in to get a better view of the whole thing.

"Hrrrnn...in....coming," Debra grunted out. As the lady was under her, Debra's other fat testicle pushed out of her pussy, landing onto the young woman's head. One second she was entranced by an inhuman teste, the next she sees nothing but black, can only hear churning, and has a throbbing headache. The weight of Debra's huge nutsack holding the lady down made her involuntarily, insanely wet. Finally, she felt Debra back off, and she slid her nuts away with her. Looking up, dazed and dizzy, the young woman saw that Debra pulled out more than her second ball.

Starting with those, she could really see their full size now. Each nut was the size of a beach ball, only they weren't 100% round. They swung low past her knees in a strained nutsack, wrinkled with skin. But the main piece was in another league. Soft, her flaccid dick was still long enough to hit the floor and wrap over her foot. It's head was uncut and covered in thick foreskin. And it's girth, she couldn't believe the girth. It was like a 2L bottle being stretched from her crotch like a snake. Finally, the young woman noticed that Debra's stomach was significantly slimmer, nearly perfectly so. "Was your....dick, making you look fat?"

Somewhere, glass broke. "It makes me look what?" Debra said, quickly hefting her cock off the floor and waving it in her face like a threat. "You think my attempt to hide this thing makes me look...fat?"

"I didn't mean it like that! It just does, it's so big I can tell that it made you bigger," the woman pleaded.

"That's it, I'm done with the song and dance, get inside," Debra demanded, her patience spent.

"Inside what?" Almost answering her question, the flaccid cockhead in her face throbbed, and she saw her cum slit open up several inches. "No....you can't mea-"

Without letting her finish Debra forced the dickhead against her face, and she grunted as the soft, spongy flesh stretched around her whole head. Immediately, the girl started freaking out, trying to pull the dick off to no avail. "Move a bit more, it's a lot easier when I'm erect."

As the girl tried to grab the cockhead, her hands got sucked in too, all the while Debra was furiously jerking herself off with both hands Quickly, she got a semi-chub, which just gave her enough strength to thrust forward, shoving the young woman way deeper from her neck to her hips. "Halfway done, honey, you're doing great," Debra told her, soothing her.

Leaning forward, Debra grabbed her waist and lifted her up, angling her wider hips to slid down her cockslit. "God I'm so tempted to use you like this, sliding in and out for the next hour, but I have girls to feed, so in!..." she paused, shoving down and forcing the girl's ass into her dick. "...you!..." she paused again, pushing her down to her knees. ....go!"

With a squelch, Debra watched the girl's feet enter her dick, which was still only half-chubbed. With a sigh and slightly bored look, Debra watched the girl's features get sucked up her cock, slowly, before her first digits started to deposit into her nuts. After a second of resistance, the seal broke and she fell into the nuts instantly. Stretching out Debra's balls, the woman was now curled up underneath her scrotum, kicking a bit. Quickly adjusting her balance, Debra stepped out of the stall and started getting dressed again, with the lady calming down slightly now that she was inside.

As she got dressed, she looked in the mirror. Her dick was dragging behind her and her nuts touched the floor every time she bent down. But she had some tricks up her sleeve. Balling up the panties, she stuffed them into a pocket before pulling up her skirt. Lucky for her, she was wearing a long skirt when she left, and it nicely covered up the suspiciously woman-shapped bulge in her nuts. Finally her dick, which was a lost cause by this point. But she was so well endowed, she could think outside the box for this occasion.

Waltzing out of the bathroom, Debra b-lined for the door, only catching the attention of the bouncer. From his point of view, she looked pretty normal. Hot milf, tight blouse, long dress, rubber sash tied around her waist....wait, a rubber sash? The bouncer did a double take as she left, and saw her semi-flaccid dickhead tied around her waist. There's no way he's seeing it right, his mind must be in the gutter, or so he thinks. Debra stops at the sidewalk and after the sudden halt, the bouncer sees something very large swing backwards and make a bulge in her dress. That was the bouncer's last day he'd ever work there.

Driving home, Debra had to set her nuts down in the passenger seat and strap them in a seatbelt, even though the movement inside her nuts stopped a couple minutes ago. Riding home, she accidentally pressed on her cockhead like a gas pedal a few times as it sat coiled under her feet. One time her foot even slipped into her penis and she had to yank it out at the next light she stopped at. Finally home, she drags her nuts out of the seat and began walking normally for once to the front door. Her fat ass was bouncing with every solid step, rippling her meaty trunk, but with the outline of the dress, one could see her nuts bouncing in the exact same way. Walking through the front door, penis slung over her shoulder, Debra called to her daughters, "Dinner's ready!"

Slowly breathing, she took off her shoes at the door and began to take off her blouse. First to round the corner was Anna, who was pretty eager to eat, texting in her phone as she whined "What took you so long?"

"What, do you want to take over?" she responded slyly.

"No mom, thank you," Anna forced out.

"Thank you. D! Did you hear?" Debra called again, sliding the blouse off of her body. A few seconds later, Daisy walked in, already shirtless and in her underwear. Her mother smiled and her dick throbbed at the sight of her daughter's huge tits, causing it to slide off her shoulder and onto the floor. "That's my girl, already prepared. Now hurry up girls, you should've been in bed by now."

Debra undid her bra and let her tits flop out, dwarfing the pair Anna hid under her t-shirt and even outclassing Daisy's substantial bust. Finally, unclipping her skirt, she showed her low hanging, gargantuan nuts to her kids, and said "Let's go, c'mon. Chop to it."

Eager to please, Anna immediately got to the head and started trying to blow her mom's uncut schlong. With the ease that only practice can hone, Anna swallowed nearly eight inches of the dick into her mouth, sucking on the soft flesh that stretched her mouth beyond reason. As she did that, Daisy got down on her knees and began shamefully feeling her mother's nutsack up and down. Not even two seconds later, Debra called her out. "D...you know we're trying to hurry here, get it out."

"Mom, can't I try....helping you like a woman for once?" Daisy asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry sweethea- hhrrrrnnnnggg!" Debra grunted as Anna took nearly two feet of Debra's dick down her throat, which was now nearly full size and hard. "-heart. Maybe next time when mom isn't in such a hurry." The 21 year old sighed and got up without another word. Her only piece of clothing was a pair of boxers, which were absolutely stretched out in the front of them. With a blush, Daisy pulled them down, setting free her massive nuts and flaccid, sheathed horse-cock, which still hung down past her knees. Shamelessly, Daisy closed her eyes and put herself in a good place, thinking about her crush and her friends, which rapidly got her swelling up as she jerked herself off. There was no grace, there was no hesitation, Daisy just began hammering at herself to get to full mast. Anna watched on with thinly buried jealousy, trying to choke herself more on her mom's 4 foot dong. "That's a good girl," Debra said to Daisy, seeing her get into it.

Suddenly, Anna threw herself even further forward as she felt her mom's bulbous head enter her stomach. Inch after inch was tossed down under the willpower of sheer spite and desperation, a sight that even Daisy throbbed at. Now fully hard, Daisy got underneath her mom, mushed her big fat balls together, and began to fuck them like a pair of tits with her obscenely large horse dong. Debra looked down at Daisy with a smile, almost ignoring Anna as she literally crawled towards her, impaling herself deeper and deeper on her pillar of dick. "You've got such a fat, long dick, sweetie. You make momma so proud," she said, watching as the comment made Daisy squirt pre-cum all over her massive nuts. Luckily, that was the last straw for her and she began to feel her balls tense up.

"Dinner's served, girls, hrrrmnggg!" Debra reached forward and grabbed Anna's head. Pulling her a few more inches forwards, Daisy felt her mother's gargantuan nuts tense up as the first course of supper raced into her cock. With a brainless moan, Anna felt nearly a gallon her mother's dick milk directly enter and flood her stomach. The second pulse sent a gallon, bloating Anna's stomach visibly as she began to slide backwards off the massive log.

"D-Daisy....drink up," the mother said as she watched Anna get further and further. Quickly, Daisy scrambled up, dragging her own huge nuts up the sides of her mother's. Walking to Anna, her massive horse dick bobbed up and down, left and right, the sight causing Debra to suddenly surge three gallons at once into Anna. With the cockhead now in her mouth, tears in her eyes, the youngest sister swallowed the pressure-hose supply of baby batter eagerly, hot cum blasting from her lips and nose. Walking by, some of it hit Daisy squarely on the dick, which caused her to throb and fire a fully wad of pre cum onto Anna's face.

"Anna!" Daisy yelled, looking down at her now cum stained horse schlong. "I have to clean this now, you know that's difficult for me."

One eye closed, the other in strain, Anna spoke muffled into the cock filling her. "Ssoooouuuueeee," she said. Daisy took it as a 'sorry.' Stepping in, Daisy kneeled next to Anna, and her younger sister popped off the dick with a gasp, nearly falling over. "Here....you go...." Anna sputtered, gasping for air with her cum slicked throat.

Taking the cockhead, Daisy became nervous, and her mother's face was strained as she somehow held in the cumshots. "Hurry, Daisy!" she practically shouted. With an squeak of alarm, Daisy did as she was told, and tried to suck the head into her mouth. Unlike Anna, she couldn't even get half the head into her mouth, but the cockslit is what's important. Sighing in relief, Debra unleashed the nut juice she had been holding in for her daughter. Tears immediately welled up in Daisy's round face, cum shooting out of her nose. It was so embarrassing, if Jesse were to ever see this....

However, hungry as a bear, she tried to gulp down every drop. Every cell of her semen were going into her stomach. The first wave alone was at least five gallons, and it continued. Anna watched as Daisy bloated and swelled up like she was pregnant. With a grin, Anna took a jab at Daisy. "Look D, this is what you'll feel like when Jesse knocks you up."

Daisy's eyes went wide and her entire face went red. Her equine dong stood straight at attention and flexed rock hard. Losing focus, she stopped gulping for a second and Debra's next surge rebounded out of her mouth, shooting all over the place. Daisy's tits and dick were absolutely coated in nut sludge, her face was no better. Debra's dick was equally coated.

"D! You gotta warn me!" Debra paused again and pulled her cockhead out, allowing Daisy to cough as she recovered from the sudden blast against her throat. Turning to Anna, suddenly he slit opened again and Anna was sprayed with an immense facial, filling her mouth from a distance and coating her body and clothes in spunk.

"Wh-" Anna tried before swallowing what she had in her mouth. "What was that for?" she yelled.

"You caused that, you knew what would happen when you said that. Now look at her. Wiping the cum from her eyes, Anna looked at Daisy, who seemed to be in a trance, her cock solid as steel and her blush glowing through her cum. "She has to deal with that now. Dinner's over," Debra declared, looking down at her nuts. They still had a whole lot of cum in them, but it was only about half of before. Looking at her cum caked daughters, Daisy's stomach was like she was pregnant with three kids, only more fatty. Anna looked like she took on 30 pounds around the waist.

"Clean up and get to bed, both of you," Debra said, and without a word Daisy turned to the door and slowly walked away, like she was stepping on clouds, with a grunt, Anna got up, still mad about getting sprayed twice in one night. Storming off, she waiting in line for the bathroom, out of Debra's sight. With a sigh, Debra closed her eyes, and with immense willpower, her cock rapidly became flaccid and her orgasm subsided. Turning for her bedroom for, Debra entered, closed the door, and collapsed into bed, her soft dick hanging off the side and resting on the floor.
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