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A man seeks peace form from a nearby kingdom and a special book will help.
Eridian stood looking outside the window of the tower of the castle of Nimithar. He stood entranced at the melancholy grey sky as moister in the air filled his nostrils. A raven cried as it careened above.

Eridian sighed and turned to continue his way up to the council chamber. When he entered, King Grithin stood with his general, advisors, and noblemen stood around a stone table.

“Proconsul, Eridian, thank you for coming. I am curious to know things are doing in the kingdom of Khrine.”

“Good enough. The instability of Khrine, where I hail from, and the kingdom of Kromious is placing worry upon the whole realm of the seven kingdoms.”

King Grithin frowned and pulled at his grey beard. “I feared as much. I have ordered General Bainforth to keep our forces at ready.”

“There is still a chance to handle things diplomatically. I suggest bringing an envoy ambassador from my home of Khrine and your kingdom of Nimithar to Kromious.”

“You will need an escort.”

“Royal soldiers would give the wrong message. I and your ambassador should go alone. It would give a message of peace. If you would agree, I will ask my King.”

“Very well. King Solemnus will agree with your proposal. You are his Proconsul,” said King Grithin.

“Thank you, Lord Grithin. I will leave immediately to my kingdom. The trek to Khrine is short. Tell your ambassador to meet me at the Kage River.” Eridian bowed and rushed out of the hall and down the spiraling stairs.

When he reached the bottom he met a servant and commanded him to bring victuals which he would put on his horse for the journey to Khrine, his home.

At full gallop, he arrived in four hours. He rode on top of the wooden draw bridge and came through the open gate, where King Solemnus waited for him.

“My Lord, I bring tidings of a plan I suggested to King Grithin. One ambassador from you and he will go and make an ultimatum to Kromious. But we will see how things will fare before conceiving our idea,” said Kromious.

“You have my permission. Depart with haste,” said the king.

It was now still late afternoon and Eridian wanted to be at the Kage River in a few hours. He ordered a servant to gather victuals and a fresh horse. Fifteen minutes later he left for the river.

The horse’s hooves kicked up grass as he passed through trees and shrub. He glanced at the sky and twilight was coming. He crested a high hill and saw a man in scarlet robe below. Standing next to the river. Next to him was a mount. The man waved at Eridian who went down the hill to meet the ambassador from Nimithar.

“Greetings, Eridian,” said the man.

“And your name is…?” asked Eridian.

“Bronus. Before we leave, I hear that Kromious has enlisted sorcerers.”

“But wizardry was condemned and purged centuries ago,” said Eridian. “This changes things.”

“But, I have heard from a key individual who lives in the wilderness who says there is a force greater than that of an sorcerer,” Bronus said as he pulled out a small leather bound book.

“What is this?” asked Eridian.

“I got it from a man who claimed to have came from the rumored land in the east across the sea. It speaks of a deity who possesses stronger power.”

“And you believe this individual face value?”

Bronus shook his head. “But if you could have seen the man yourself! There was something about him-a presence. I cannot explain it.”

“I see. Regardless of it, it will not change our plans. Let us depart.”

Bronus nodded and hopped on his horse and they rode north. As daylight faded, both travelers lit a torch to light their way to Kromious. A full moon shed a faint glow on the grassy ground as they came through a thin forest landscape.

“I hear that ghosts inhabit the surroundings of Kromious. Normally I would be leery but this book gives me security,” said Bronus.

“There is nothing. I have been to Kromious.” Eridian paused and cleared his throat. “What else does that book say?”

“It speaks of this deity who becomes a man. It also says he died and came back to life. I plan to read more as soon as I can.”

Eridian looked at the sky and saw unnatural rumbling clouds reverberate with red lightning.

“What evil is this!” said Eridian.

“We must hurry for cover underneath the castle of Kromious!”

The two rode on and they saw the castle about a half a mile away.

“We will not make it!” said Bronus.

Rain broke forth from above that fell on them like needles. They strove on and frostbite was settling inside Eridian.

At last they made it to the roofed colonnade of the castle. Large iron doors with knockers stood before them and they pounded on the door. It opened its own and they entered into sweet shelter.

Suddenly a man in black appeared. “Why are you here!” he said.

“We are here to discuss an end to this tension between you and Khrine.”

“With the power that has been brought back we will conquer this whole realm. Talk is meaningless!”

Bronus brought out the book and the wizard stepped back. “Where did you get that!”

Bronus read from the book and the sorcerer cried as if in pain. Bronus kept reading until the wizard collapsed. “My power! Its gone!”

Instead of harming the fallen man, Bronus stretched forth his hand and helped the foe onto is feet in an act of friendship. “You’re forgiven. And so is your king.”

“What are you doing, Bronus?”

“I now know to love even your enemies is required just as we love friends. Besides, without his sorcerers, I do not think the king of Kromious will attack at all.”

“Then it’s over? So simply?” asked Eridian.

“It is.”

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