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Appendix and Pronunciation Guide for Hydranous and Earth
Appendix and Pronunciations


Acmine (Aawk-mine) - An Elder.

Afflicted One - These Hydranousians experience the loss of memory, mental and physical capabilities deteriorate, and eventually death.

Beezz (Bee-EZ) - A piece of muscle used by the Tra for the stretchable material for their defective crystal bows.

Boitereeze (Bolt-er-ease) - An Elder.

Bzebulite (Z-Be-utte) - A Young One.

Clan - A group of close-knit and interrelated families.

Collective - The name of all Hydranousians' combined essence and power.

Color of One with the Planet - This is what Hydranousians call the color black.

Cirift (Sir-FFT) - An acquaintance of an Elder.

Cycle - The amount of time that takes Hydranous to go around both suns, creating a helix. There are 100 earth years in one complete Double Helix cycle.

Crystal Root - This is what Hydranousians call the color red-orange, the color of the sky.

Crystals - Objects of power. The stronger the one wielding them, the more powerful the crystal becomes.

Demanery (Dea-man-er-e) - An Elder.

Dewiss (D-wis) - A citizen of the city called Megatopulus. He is the citizen in charge of highering Old Ones as tutors.

Double Helix - Consisting of two spiral paths which are oriented in opposite directions.

Dyserl (Die-sur-el) - An Elder.

Elder - A chosen individual who possesses more power than an average citizen. The Supreme High One determines who will be an Elder.

Emptiness - The place where Afflicted ones go when they become One with the Planet.

Essence - The life force contained within all Hydranousians. It determines the level of raw power Hydranousians can absorb. It is contained within the Collective and is useable by anyone who can connect with the Collective. The amount of essence used depends on the individual wielding it.

Esuoms (E-sue-oms)- Similar to Earth minutes.
Eternity - Once a pupil of an Old One, she became filled with greed and self-desire that she attempted to take over the Elders and Supreme High One. Failing to do so, she was stripped of her powers and banished to the North Quadrant.

Fluorite (Flu-rite) - A stone known for its clarity and mental enhancement.

Frup - A Young One.

Glos (Gloos) - A genetically advanced version of the Reres. A flying animal with claws and feathers. They have been domesticated as flying mounts for the Tra.

Glok-Glok Sands (Glock - Glock Sands) - A desert where no life exists.

Gnit (G-nit) - An Elder.

Ground Shake - This is what Hydranousians call the color Violet.

Gymph (Ga-miff) An Elder

Hacuuk (Hay-Uk) - An Elder

Highest Peak of the Mountain This is what Hydranousians call the color Gray. It is the rarest color known to all Hydranousians.

Hiblcl (High-beld) - A mountain range to the south thee cycles from the Palace.

Hole of a MeeBee - This is what Hydranousians call the color Brown,

Hydranous (Hi-drain-ous) - A planet over 400 light-years away from Earth. It has a hostile environment for humans. The surface temperature is 250 degrees above zero at all times due to its two suns. There is a very thin atmosphere.

Hydranous' Year - Called a Cycle. Equal to 100 Earth years.

Hydranousians - (Hy-drain-os-ians) - Individuals who are the dominant species of the planet Hydranous.

Hynd (Hind) - An Elder who remembered the Supreme High One after the explosion and the disappearance of the others.

Ingeous (In-gei-o-us) - An Elder accused of being a traitor.

Janifft (Yan-if-fit) - An Elder.

Jaz (Jazz) - A young One.

Keysion (Key-see-on) - A friend of an Elder.

Koht (Koo-t) - An Elder.

Lecbp (Le-bop) - An Elder.
Lewr (Lure) - A town near the Glok-Glok Sands

Limdg (Lime-dig) - An Elder.

Liquid Eterinite (Li-quid E-ter-night) - A thicker than water-like substance. It covers over one-quarter of the planet Hydranous. Used to replenish the Essence of the Hydranousians. It is also the burial place of all Hydranousians.

MeeBee (Me-Be) - A medium-sized rodent-like creature, the size of a small Earth human child aged six.

Megatopulus (Meg-a-top-u-lous) - A city where the Supreme High One, disguised as a Tutor, first started his tutoring of Young Ones 500 hundred cycles after he disappeared.

Mellainy (Me-lain-y) A Hydranousian Young One.

Merkil (Mer-kill) - An Elder.

Msadr (M-sad-er) - An Elder.

Munma (Mun-maw) - A designation the Tra uses for the female who births offspring.

Nata - (No-ta) A name given by the Supreme High One to describe the desert dwellers. They live in a colony of burrows in which they sleep and hide from the Reres.

North Quadrant - It is believed to be a place where nothing survives for very long without the knowledge of using the essence of the Collective. Home of the Tra and Glos.

Odd One - It is believed the Odd One was, in reality, an Elder in disguise.

Old One - A Tutor to Young Ones or someone advanced in years.

One in the Collective - Having the ability to converse and listen to all of the Collective without becoming an Afflicted One.

One with the Planet - What Hydranousians call Death.

Osit (Os-sit) - An Elder.

Out of Phase Appendage - Twice in a Hydranousian's life span, they form an appendage during their Out of Phase period. This appendage grows into a smaller version of its creator. When the appendage receives its final color, the appendage breaks off and begins its life as a Young One.

Out of Phase - This happens when a Hydranousian enters into a sleep-like state within an Out of Phase Building. They replenish their Essence, provide the Collective with power, and restore their life Essence.

Out of Phase Buildings - Dwellings constructed to house and protect the Hydranousians when they enter Out of Phase or for replenishing their Essence.

Peetorim (Pe-tor-e-um) - An Elder.

Place the Color of One with the Planet - It was believed to be an actual place within the Void.

Poppa (Pop-paa) is A designation the Tra uses for the male who assisted in creating and raising offspring.

Potentaten - (Po-ten-at-en) The name of the current Supreme High One before taking on the latter title.

Powers - The advanced use of Essence, Telepathy, and Telekinesis.

Prism Body Colors - The hierarchy of all Hydranousians is based on their prism bodies' color, with the rarest color called.

Psychic Blast - A form of mental attack used to stun unwary citizens. The effect lasts for several Relffs.

Puclss (Pu-cluss) - A citizen of Hydranous.

Qanish (Kwan-ish) - A citizen of Hydranous.

Reincarnated Chosen - A title given to the leader of the Tra who is believed to be the original Chosen reborn.

Relff (Re-l-ff) - Similar to Earth hours.

Repard (Reap-ard) - A citizen of Hydranous.

Retpmoc (Re-tp-muk) - One of the twin suns that Hydranous circles.

Rere (Reer) - A flying animal with claws and feathers. Their favorite food is Nata.

Scrbeaul (Sck-r-beau-eel) - An Elder.

Sentient Beings - Able to express complicated thoughts and emotions, live in a community of family units, and have a hierarchy of government, and language units.

Silenced - Being removed from the Collective and having all powers of telepathy and telekinesis expunged.

Sirois (Sur-o-oz) An Elder. Accused of being a traitor.

Sopite (Sew-pit) - An Scribe faithful to the Supreme High One. Later became an Elder.

Sound of the Suns - This is what Hydranousians call the color Green.

Sound of Running Liquid Eterinite - This is what Hydranousians call the color Orange.

Srawn [ A small village.

Super Massive Black Hole - This is the largest type of Black Hole with a mass of over millions of billions the mass of the twin suns of Hydranous.

Supreme High One - Also known as an Old One. The leader of all Hydranousians. They are determined by the color of their outer body. Only one Supreme High One is alive at a given time due to an unknown phenomenon. Their power level is much greater than even an Elder. It is speculated that the Supreme High One's power limit has no boundaries.

Supreme High One/Old One - The Supreme High One and the Old One the color of the Hole of a MeeBee are the same being. After the explosion, the Supreme High One took the color and identity of an Old One to hide his true powers and identity.

Tana (Tan-ee) - One of the twin suns' Hydranous circles.

Tay - A Hydranousian citizen.

Telekinesis - The ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means.

Telepathy - Communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses.

Tem - An Elder.

Temuus (Te-mew-us) - A friend of Repard.

The Place of Quiet - This is in the Subconscious mind that is not accessible to most Hydranousians. Because of the emptiness, it is believed this is where the Afflicted Ones go when they become One with the Planet. If entered, all conscious thought is absent. Conscious thought is non-existent because no one has been strong enough to break through the barriers. If you enter the Place of Quiet, it is very easy to make contact with anything outside the barrier. This would allow a one-way connection. If anyone attempted to follow the trail of thought back to its origin, it would be like the trail went nowhere.

The smell of Silence - This is what Hydranousians call the color Yellow.

The Viewing Window - A transdimensional window into other planets, realities, and time. A great amount of Essence is required to hold one open for any period.

Third Eye - All Hydranousians develop their Third Eye when they enter adulthood. From that point, they have access to incredible powers of telekinesis and telepathy. With all of their powers, the color of the body determines the power available.

Time Anomalies - A disruption in the spacetime continuum which can be related to time travel. They can have various effects: time reversion, the creation of alternate timelines, and the fracturing of a vessel or person into different periods.

Tra (Tr-ah) - Formerly called the Natas. They are an evolved race of desert dwellers. They are sentient and have created a society within their city. They have developed a complicated language, a governing system, and weapons to use against Hydranousians and prey. They hunt, capture and train the Glos to be flying mounts.

The Vision of Forever - This is what Hydranousians call the color Blue.

Unknown Color - Hydranousians did not know this color because they did not have the color White on their planet.

Velez (Veel-ezz) - An Elder.

Vers (Ver-z) - An Elder.

Void - A place where nothing exists and is only approachable through using a great amount of Essence from the Collective. To the Hydranousians, it is not considered an actual physical location. In reality, it is a Supermassive Black Hole twelve million billion miles away from Hydranous. It is so strong it may be the source of the Time Anomalies and reality changes.

Voice - Another term indicating someone has the power to communicate within the Collective. Using this term is deemed a negative event.

Walking Sleep - This is an extremely rare condition that affects many Hydranousians at a time causing them to walk aimlessly during their Out of Phase.

Weth (Wet) - A Hydranousian citizen.

Ynaff (Yawn-af) - An Elder.

Young One - A Pupil being tutored or someone under 10 cycles.

Zantis (San-tis) - A Hydranousian citizen.

Ziddit (Zid-ditt) - A character in an Old One's story.



Anniversary Park - The biggest park in Underwood.

Candice Apper - A woman who met Matthew Yule in Windor Park.

Captain Ventz - The Police Captain who is responsible for giving the Defender in Green his assignments.

Cindy Addams - Misty Addams' oldest daughter.

Color Yellow - A color that causes The Defender to become vulnerable.

Defender - It is the name taken by the Defender in Green

Dr. Murphy - Matthew Yule's Family Physician.

Dr. Schmitt - The doctor who took care of Matthew Yule while in Wood Plaza Hospital.

Defender in Green - The alias for Matthew Yule.

George Freman Hospital - The hospital Joe Earnest was sent to after he was mugged.

Jessup Hinder - Part of the criminal gang known as the Windsor Park Duo who mugged Matthew Yule and Joe Earnest.

Joe Earnest - The best friend of Matthew Yule, also a war veteran.

Karman Line - The imaginary line above the earth where the earth's boundary ends and space begins.

Linda - The Nurse who took care of Matthew Yule while he was in Windor Hospital.

Matthew Yule - An elderly war veteran who accidentally changes into a hero.

Mike Tetterson - Part of the criminal gang known as the Windsor Park Duo who mugged Matthew Yule and Joe Earnest.

Misty Addams - Matthew Yule's divorced daughter.

Polly McKensie - News reporter for Channel 12 News.

Rebecca (Becca) Addams - Misty Addams' youngest daughter.

Rita Wen - A woman who met Matthew Yule in Windor Park.

Ryan Brown - Delivery man and associate of the Defender in Green.

Sargent Mark McElroy - Police Sargent with the Underwood Police Department.

The Muscular One - Whose real name is Mike Tetterson, is part of the criminal gang known as the Windsor Park Duo who mugged Matthew Yule and Joe Earnest

The Tall One - Whose real name is Jessup Hinder, is part of the criminal gang known as the Windsor Park Duo who mugged Matthew Yule and Joe Earnest.

Tiffany Agnew - A woman who met Matthew Yule in Windor Park.

Vik 'The One' Sinister - The mobster boss of the Windor Park Duo and other criminals the Defender has run into. Sinister is on the Federal Bureau of Investigations' ("FBI") Ten Most Wanted List.

Underwood - The town in the story originally takes place.

Windor Park - The second biggest park in Underwood.

Windor Park Duo - Jessup Hinder and Mike Tetterson.

Wood Plaza Hospital - The hospital Matthew Yule was sent to after the accident in Windor Park.

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