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by Paki
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a day where all who celebrate Thanksgiving have to survive dinner and its starving also
Thanksgiving is a lovely time of the month in November but some don't know the horrors of the turkey day mascara, the night every twenty years there's a massive bird up rise and some don't survive dinner. let met tell you of my first turkey day experience, its not a kind story but i will candy coat a few things of my unique time at a dinner table filled with love and loss but that bird. wild and vicious and yet so juicy and good, all things that describe the same thing that graces everyone's table every November along with other delicious sides.

let me tell you what happened and lets go back two days before thanksgiving, yes during the preparation period. while we're getting everything and out enjoying yourself and that's when it happens they're willingly let into our houses and we put them carelessly in the refrigerator without care of if its live or dead, plus we come back and put more stuff along with it. we take the bird out and put the other ingredients in and put it back. they come back to life during the thawing process right before you put them in the oven. they jump out of the pot and run and grab your pointy and sharp things without you noticing and hop back in before you even know what's happening, this is the point were you turn your back to it and open the oven to put it in to cook. Now let me tell you how to survive.

It happened the morning of November 23rd when we picked him up from the store, my brother and i went to get all the last minute things we needed to make a feast fit for the characters for game of thrones and if not a world of Warcraft feast. which either way required the bird so we also got some extra items like ham and things to make biscuits and gravy and some cornbread and many other scrumptious items that would fill your table, and last but not least the desserts 4peacan and 2apple, the ice cream and whipped cream. we made our way down to the drinks then made our final stop to the cashier. "hello happy holidays, hope you found everything you were looking for?' the gorgeous green eyed lady asked from across the way, not looking my best but approached the counter 'Yes ma'am i did and now that I've seen you, I've found everything i need to make this holiday a success.' i replied to her with a smile, she smiles back with the reply of 'Okay handsome your gonna want to put him on ice as soon as you get back home if not its gonna be a unique turkey day.' we make eye contact and i start laughing 'no serious handsome its a new bird this year.' she winks as i pay and im on my merry, my bro and i walk back to the car and put all the feast in and we're off for the remainder of the day. we got home in the early evening and we put all the food in the refrigerator and as we closed it and started to walk away we both heard a turkey and we stopped and listened and silence, we head out to meet family for the rest of the night as the large birdy beasties wait to eat us in the coming days.
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