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by Naomi
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A Book...Now It Can Be Told

A pretty girl, at age ten...Grade 6 Elementary School student, aspiring to graduate as Valedictorian, two months before her Elementary Graduation, at dinner time

" Daddy, Mama, I want to be a lawyer,
Can you afford it , but, I also help myself to get a full scholarship for less expenses." She stated firmly...

My husband looked at me, then looked at her, " That is a BIG DREAM, do not worry about money, let us worry that,
think and focus only with your studies and we will support you all the way."
My husband, her Dad told her.

" How about you MAMA ? "
She was looking directly at me.
I took a sip of water from my drinking glass, put it down and smiled.
" You are our only child. What we are working hard is for your better future. If that is what you want, you can have my blessing and like your Daddy , I will support you all the way."

"Thank You Mama. Thank You Daddy.
We will talk about this matter again five years from now after I will finish my High School studies."

That was agreed as we had our family dinner of three, years ago.

College Education or Education itself in our country ,. the Philipppines ,is
expensive. The necessary studies to get a College Education is:
Six years Elementary Education
Four Years High School Education
Then take an Entrance Exam to pass for a College Education for 4 year course or 5 year course.

When one wants to be a Lawyer, she has to finish a College Education, then take another four-year course to Study Law , take a six months Review, take another 6 months to wait for the result of the BAR EXAM for the Law Students to pass or to finally become a lawyer.
Then wait for another month, for the Oath Taking and the Supreme Court gives the Certificate that proves you being an Attorney or a Lawyer by profession.

Such Long Years To Realize a Dream
Our daughter told us with a wide smile before we all went to bed that night :
" Goodnight Daddy and Mama...
Do not worry about me. I will be called someday, Attorney Cathy...and...If there's a will there's a way. I love You.

To Be Continued.....

I will present this book for a Christmas Family Reunion wherein Alvarez Family will gather in the Family Museum for a Christmas Program..
I will continue writing this early in the morning tomorrow...

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