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by brom21
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A young outcast is visited by a special being to aid him in something he struggles with.
Sam trudged home in tears walking away from the group of boys scoffing behind him. They were assembled on a grassy soccer field when it started to rain droplets. Sam felt like the weather was sensing his feelings as the melancholy gray sky seemed to cry.

Sam felt pain in his back as a soccer ball struck him. He turned and saw Lucas, the most popular boy in school, grinning. “How did that feel, loser!” Lucas said.

Sam turned and dashed for home, sobbing. When he reached the door to his house, he barged through and sprinted for his room and buried his head inside his pillow, crying his heart out.

After ten long minutes, he sat up and wiped his eyes. “I hate soccer! I am so bad at it! Why do people have to be so mean!”

He looked at a Bible on his desk and felt an inclination to read it. He took it and opened it to the book of Psalms. He read of how King David poured his heart out to God for all his enemies and fears he had.

Sam sighed and felt a strange comfort and tranquility. Something was in his room with him-a living essence of some sort. “Is that you, God?” Sam said.

Suddenly a voice came from beside him. “Indeed, it is.”

Sam looked up and saw a young man in Khakis and a polo shirt. “I have come to help to help you.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Terinth. I am an angel from God.”

Sam rubbed his eyes. “I’m not dreaming, am I?”

“No. I have come to help you become a master soccer player. Most people would become prideful if they were helped by God but you have a humble spirit and you would stay humble.”

Sam stood. “When do we start?”

“Whenever you wish.”

“How about tomorrow? It is a Saturday,” said Sam.

“So be it. Get good rest. We start early.” Suddenly, Terinth vanished.

Sam smiled and folded his hands. “Thank you, God,” he said.

A strange tiredness came over Sam and he laid down and fell asleep.

The next morning Sam was awakened by a gentle touch on his shoulder.


“Good morning. Get ready. I will wait for you at the soccer field,” said the angel as he disappeared.

Sam changed his clothes and darted outside for the soccer field. He ran with a bounce in his strides. He saw Terinth in the distance and ran for him.

“Greetings, once again,” said Terinth. Without a word he put his hand on Sam’s forehead and he was changed. It was like a sleuth of soccer knowledge just filled his mind.

“What happened?” asked Sam.

“I have given you insight into the sport of soccer. But it will also take practice to use it. Run ten yards away.”

Sam did so and waited for Terinth to kick the ball to Sam. He gave the ball a good kick and when it came to Sam, he hit the ball right over Terinth’s head. “Excellent, Sam!”

“I can’t believe it! I have never been able to even to hit it four feet high!”

“Next, we will making scores in the net. I will be goalie.”

Terinth got in front of the net and waited.

Sam got a running start and kicked the ball with lighting speed. The ball shot right past Terinth. “Great!” he said.

For the next two hours, Terinth practiced things like kicking the ball round the field, stealing the ball, being a goalie himself and other soccer skills.

At noon, the work was done and Sam was filled with a tingling feeling in his chest. It was like feeling self-esteem as a sensation. It was now noon and Sam was all sweaty.

“It is completed. Go home, blessed of God.”

Sam nodded and galloped home full of joy. He did his homework and had a good dinner with his mom and dad.

“Son, you seem very chipper tonight,” said his mother.

“It’s a good evening.”

“Is your home homework done?” asked Sam’s father.


After dinner, Sam hurried to bed.

The morning, Sam’s family went to church. Sam had never prayed and sung so fervently for so great as his appreciation and joy.

At the end of service, Sam approached the pastor. “Pastor Michael, have you ever seen an angel?”

“I have heard stories, but I have never seen an angel. Why do you ask?”

“Can you keep a secret?”

The pastor sat on a chair. “Sit next to me. I am all ears.”

Sam sat and prepared to share his experience with Terinth. When he did Pastor Michael looked down as pulled at his grey beard. “Astounding. I believe you. I think there is none more worthy than you, Sam. May it be as you have said. I will be at the soccer game at the school. If you have been endowed with spiritual effect, we will be assured of it.”

The next day, Sam got to school early. He shivered in the cool and then zippered up his sweater and in two hours onlookers filled the bleachers and the players poured into the field.

When all was ready, the players took their sides on the field. Sam’s team kicked the ball and when the other team got it, they scooted the ball right for Sam. He did a quick ball steal and Lucas was the first to gape his mouth in surprise.

Sam moved the ball toward the net and the ball shot right passed the goalie. The next kick off resulted in the same results. At the end of the game, Sam had scored six points to zero.

Lucas approached Sam. “You were amazing. How did you do it?”

“Call it a gift from God.”

Sam left Lucas and ran for his parents. “Mom, dad, how did I do!”

“It is a miracle, Sam. When did you get so good?” said Sam’s mother.

“That is just what it was-a miracle.”

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