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Written for, Daily Flash Fiction Challenge; two teens need to hide pilfered stuff, fast.
Joby exclaimed with wide eyes and trembling hands, “Crap! Gomp’s coming, we have to hide this stuff!”

“Where?” Zak snapped back.

“I don’t know. This was your idea! Why’d I let you talk me into this?”

“We’re not busted, we’ll find a place to stash this!” But there wasn’t any place to go except the door to Mr. Gomp’s office. “Follow me.” Zak grasped the handle in his sweating hand and prayed it wasn’t locked.

He opened the door and looked around. Bookshelves, file cabinets, and a desk. Joby also rushed in then closed and locked the door. “Joby, why’d you lock it?”

“To buy more time. Find someplace to hide stuff!” Joby’s voice trembled and was higher in pitch.

Zak scrambled around the desk, thinking he could drop everything in a drawer, but better yet, there was a box on the floor. He quickly dropped the pilfered items in, pushed the flaps down, and stepped back next to Joby just as Mr. Gomp walked in. “What are you doing in here? Why's the door locked?”

Joby looked like he was about to pass out. How would they get out of this?

“Well, Mr. Gomp, Joby and I came in to be alone, we locked the door so nobody would catch us.”

“Catch you doing what?”

“Uhm, kissing.”

“In my office! Get out and get to class!”

They hurried out and down the hall. “Kissing?”

“It’s all I could think of, Joby.”

He'll find the bras and underwear we swiped from the girl’s locker room.”

“Yeah,” Zak replied. "It's just a matter of time."

Mr. Gomp taped the box shut. “I hope she likes the hat and mittens,” he thought as he wrapped his gift for Principal Shirly Flannigan’s surprise birthday party.

Word Count = 295
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