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Is there such thing as a perfect driver?
Fourth Turn Frustration
By Shadowgate
18 year old Matthew Davidson went to Florida with his parents for a family vacation. He was with his four aunts and cousins. His uncles would be joining them a week later. His mother Karla Davidson along with his Aunt Sonia had just finished eating at a restaurant.
After leaving the restaurant they all piled in the car.
Matthew was thrilled to have his driver's license and as he was driving home he along with the rest of his family heard an ambulance coming.
Karla took notice that the ambulance was behind a few cars and snapped "these people don't get out of the way for ambulances it's so rude."
Matthew commented "when it comes to police cars people will get out of the way fast to avoid trouble and with fire trucks to avoid getting crushed" Karla cut him off "they should get out of the way for ambulances as well."
Matthew said "I didn't mean to imply they shouldn't you cut me off."
Then all of the sudden they realized the ambulance was behind them. Matthew couldn't get to the middle or left lane so he sped up.
Karla snapped "Matthew the ambulance is behind us."
Matthew said "Alright let me turn right into this neighborhood and after that I'll turn back around."
Matthew turned right into the neighborhood but the ambulance turned right as well.
Matthew said "Goddamn it!"
Matthew couldn't pull aside into the left lane because of oncoming traffic. He kept speeding and then he turned right again. The ambulance turned right again. Matthew kept going fast.
Karla snapped "you're not getting out of the way Matthew."
Matthew turned right a third time and then the ambulance turned right.
Matthew yelled "GODDAMN IT!"
Then Matthew made a fourth turn into home owner's drive way.
Once he did he saw the ambulance stop in front of that very drive way.
Matthew said "oh shit this is the house the ambulance was going to. You can see the paramedics getting out."
Karla said "Matthew what the fuck is wrong with you?"
Matthew answered "well shit mom I did my best to get out of the way. It's Florida so there are more ambulances on the road. You are just extra sensitive around the elderly and small children."
Matthew, Karla, and their relatives had to wait until the paramedics loaded an elderly man into the ambulance and took him to the hospital before they could get out.
Matthew and his mother Karla were pissed at each other for the rest of the night.

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