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What she missed out on last Christmas she didn't want to miss out on again.
"It's the season to live. Last year you didn't go for the guy you really liked. I've come to show you the consequences," the ghost of Christmas past said.

"I know, I know. He went for someone else," Chelsea said with a sigh. She felt heartbroken. And now she felt head over heels for someone again.

"He was single. You didn't act first. You brushed him off as if he didn't exist."

"But I didn't know. Nobody knew. Why would that matter?"

"Everything matters."

Chelsea watched as the ghost of Christmas past disappeared from her bedroom. She felt heartbroken deep inside. She didn't try. And now that she was a year older, she felt like she was dying on the outside. Could she face another heartbreaking situation again? She had made a mistake. This time around last year. She could do it again and die from regret or learn from it. Not this year. Maybe the ghost was right. It did matter. She needed to live her life, not waste it away.

Quickly, she hopped out of bed and put her shoes on. Flowers were the best way to impress someone else she thought. She dressed up and then hurried over to the store and found some roses in perfect shape. What if he's already taken? Then she set that thought aside quickly as she paid for the flowers. The roses smelled delicious and she smiled. The petals were just right to nimble on. Then she set out to find Jose.

Jose had some daisies in his hands and looked preoccupied when she found him. Too late she assumed and then took a step forward. No matter what she was prepared to embarrass herself. "Hello. I'm Chelsea. I brought these flowers to you to welcome you to this city. Mind if I know your name?"

"Jose. I'm new here. I was just hoping to make friends with you. Thank you for the welcome. Care to have lunch?"

"Of course. And, well, I am single. I do hope to marry someday."

"Same here."

"Why don't I show you around?"

"Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas."

Prompt: Holiday or Christmas Carol
Word Count: 360
Contest: "The Weekly Quickie Contest
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