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Winter Sports Blues for Writer's Cramp
Winter Sports Blues

27 lines

Growing up in Berkeley
Snow was an optional event
And winter sports
A rare treat

We often went to our cabin
Near Yakima
For Christmas
And New Years

There I enjoyed
Inner tubing
Down the mountains
And in the summer
Down the Natchez river

We also went sledding
Down the hills nearby

And I enjoyed
Snow Showing
In the woods nearby

I tried snowmobiling
A couple of times

I tried Skiing
Once or twice
Gave up

When I fell into the snow
Near Tahoe
And broke my father’s glasses

Last time I tried skiing
I was 17 at the time.

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New Prompt: Answer this question in your poem or story: What is your favorite winter sport to do? And do you do that on your own, or with others?

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