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Sunday Morning Blues for Writer's Cramp

Sunday Morning Blues

Growing up in secular Berkeley,
Sunday was always just a day off
A slow day, but nothing sacred.

Some people went to Church
Many did not, including my family
My father being an atheist
My Mom, a lapsed Baptist

Some went out for brunch
or had special weekly breakfasts
we did bacon, eggs,grits
Pancakes or waffles, Southern style
with lots of coffee
in honor of my Mom's Southern heritage.

Then we went for a walk
Or just read the paper

Watching the Sunday
news shows
or catching a game or two
Catching up on sleep

Family time
For many families

Some companies
Proudly were close
On Sunday

Giving their employees
The day off
Some for religious reasons

Some just because
The owner needed a break
As well

But those days are long gone
Sundays are still a slow day
Many businesses still closing

But few go to Church
Few observe
the old school
Christian rituals

Most of us just
take the day off
That is the nature
Of our Sunday morning blues.
in these very secular times.

Prompt for tomorrow: The commercialization of what used to be Sunday as the day of rest is so common it is unusual to see a store closed in many parts of the U.S.
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