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Veterans’ PTSD and suicidal thoughts are a tragic cost for the freedoms we enjoy- a poem
Troops have processed the ugliest ingredients…

Vets are seen struggling with PTSD
And suicidal thoughts -

They’re beseeched to seek professional,
Compassionate, and significant aid…

A lifestyle of education, skills, and employment
Befitting the young and old of a proud
And glorious landscape.

Every person shall follow through
With an extension of moral, ethical,
And surreal thankfulness;
These kind, heaven-sent souls
Will revive the military’s strength
And their familial nation’s
Passionate expressions of freedom -

This adjudication of the society’s
Cruelly dismembered and psychologically
Wounded service members
Is the respectful acknowledgment
Of their intense and gregarious engagement
In upholding the sacrifices made for freedom
As a God-given focus of every generation -
Of marines, pilots, soldiers, sailors,
Reservists, coast guard, Seals, Berets,
And staff.

One solution to the darkest
Is the inspiration of faith and family. 
A love of country despite the tragic horror
Of the bleakest depths…

A rosy equalization for the brave
As the voice of an unhindered land… 

A glimmering respite of amazing decency
Which is everlasting;
An international and global awareness.
The ephemeral journey towards earthly glory…

A turbulence and turnabout
For the flag’s unified stands
Against the furtherance of tyranny
Across the globe.

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