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Daily Flash Fiction 12/25/22 W/C 299

Our Rose

“Tell me what happened Charlotte, every detail,” whispered Momma. Then she fell back into bed. She’d been so sick. The baby came early, sick too. The medicine made her cough better, but made the baby weak is what poppa said.

“We went in a big black car. Poppa, Charlie, Ben and Mikey and I all fit in the back seat it was so big. The other men were in the front seat. The big car drove real slow. Then we all got out and walked real slow.”

Momma coughed for a long time so I waited for her to stop so I could finish my story.

“Poppa built a nice box for Rose. She fit in it real fine.”

Momma started crying. I stopped talking and gave her a handkerchief. “Go on. I need to know she was taken care of real proper.”

“Oh she was momma, I dressed her up in May Belle’s bestest dress, and that sweater you made.”

“But I made those special for May Belle!” Momma started getting excited.

“But momma! I wanted Rose to be warm. I wanted her to have the nicest dress and bestest sweater. I didn’t want her getting cold. So now she is safe and sound and warm forever in that box in the ground, momma. You can always make May Belle more clothes once you get to feelin’ better. My dolly has nuf’ clothes for now.”

Momma cried a bit more. When she stopped, I gave her a big hug.

“When you gets to feelin’ better, we’ll all go visit Rose. Poppa knows where she is. He can find her agin’.”

“That sounds real fine, Charlotte. I’d like that. When I get to feelin’ better, we’ll take some real roses and we’ll pay a visit to our little Rose.”

W/C 299

Based on a true story
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