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Flash fiction
"It's a long story ..." Ricky stared up at Officer Muldoon.

"Let's try for the shortened version, shall we?"

"I had to do it." Ricky tightened his lips and folded his arms.

"Maybe a slightly longer version then." The Officer was frustrated with this kid.

"It was Johnny's fault."

"Johnny who?"

"Just Johnny; I ain't no snitch."

"And how was it Johnny's fault?"

"He dared me to do it."

"And you always do things when someone dares you?"

"I ain't no chicken. A dare's a dare."

"And Johnny dared you to take the apples?"

"He said if I didn't I couldn't be in the gang ... and ... if you ain't in the gang they beat you up."

"I see. So you acted under duress when you took the apples?"

"Yer what like?"

"He made you do it."

"That's what I said, didn't I?"

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