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The funeral of the last human.
Little over a month
The Earth mourns humanity’s last funeral
With its very own offering of flowers
A small number of weeds pepper the ground
Where feet once tread

Now the Earth plays its own song
No longer with the sound of human interference
Wind rustles the leaves on the trees
And raindrops come to join in from time to time

The warmth of humans long gone
And nothing is there to remember it
Everything written will come to be lost
When there will be no language to decipher it

Would it be nice to be a ghost
Roaming the endless greenery
Basking in sunlight they cannot feel
Seeing a world so alive

This is the end
No human eyes will ever get to see
A place only imagination will ever take us
Beyond an impenetrable wall
Where we see darkness
May you see everything fully

Goodbye, our home
We did everything in your embrace
Every feeling felt belonged to you
And even after death you have a place for us

Maybe my feelings were never mine, but yours
My every move was you making me dance
Like how you make dust dance
Even in the gentlest stillness
Or was I you, swinging to our song

Will you welcome the new eyes that wake
Like you did so kindly to me?
I guess I’ll never know
But in my perpetual sleep
I’ll make sure to dream of you

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