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Humanity is worth saving, hate leads to our extinction. My humble opinion.
Oh, folks simply keep on repeating.
Mistakes of old that need healing.
And since some refuse to let go.
Hate will grow! Hate will grow! Hate will grow!

Many hide behind mounds of money.
Treating life as a gameshow? Funny!
Still they plan, plot, and deceive.
Fueling hate! Fueling Hate! Fueling Hate!

Unity of purpose is our salvation.
love returned has seen utter starvation.
Simply just to remain in control.
Causing death! Causing Death! Causing Death!

We’re on our way towards extinction.
A planet devoid of most life.
Turning our lush gardens into sand.
Take a stand! Take a stand! Take a stand!


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War is the absence of all reason.
Hate hides itself for any reason.
United humanity will have a chance.
Take a stand! Take a stand! Take a stand!
Yes, take a stand!
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