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some anagram-style fun, words within words -Christmas Celebrations!
How many words can you find within each word?

Please try to do this without a word generator, part of the fun (craziness) is using your own mind! *Mindblown*

Send me a message (preferably an email, please) with your word count(s)! You do not have to do them all at once, but I've dropped the number of words to two sets as to help others get involved (I hope)
Any questions, please ask!

After the deadline (shown below), prizes will be awarded *TrophyG*


Prizes are as follows: (prizes will depend on entries, etc. and subject to increase if funds available)

1st place - MB and 5k gps

2nd place - 10k gps

3rd place - 8k gps

Honorable Mention -1k gps


Contest Starts: Saturday, December 2nd

Contest ends: Saturday, December 9th

[Refresh to load countdown.]


Words for December

Holiday Extravaganza


New Year Approaching

All valid words count. Put your thinking caps on! *BigSmile* *Thinker*

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