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Entering the shadow realm. Not for the faint of heart.
Huddled away in the shadows
Hidden in corners of darkness
Fragments of memories forgotten for me
To put together those pieces left markless

A puzzle of shattered hopes and dreams
Scattered about the floor
Lives needlessly sacrificed
Amongst puddles of blood and gore

Falling to my knees in agony
Tortured corpses surrounding me
I tear open my blood-stained flesh
Rip at my eyes until I can't see

This room of hell is hidden downstairs
Hard to escape once you fall in
Easy to slip to death in the dark
But if you're strong enough you can win

A cellar fun of deadly sins
Created by your own choices
Of whether or not to listen to instincts
Or all of the other voices

Leave my slain body untouched
Never venture into the pain
Of living cold, unfeeling and dark
Alone in the tears of rain
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