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I love our crazy life with our Labradors.
Scribble, scrabble
Of nails on tray
Wakes me up
For the day

Our Labs stay in
The crates at night
Saving house
Chewy plight

Nothing sacred
From tiny teeth
Christmas wreath

Furry feet fly
To the back door
Eyes ready
To explore

Head up, ears perked
Noses lifted
Bunny hops
Wind shifted

Oh, what's that now
You say it's time?
Come inside
Food to dine

Oh joy! Oh bliss!
Best I've tasted!
Lick the bowl
None wasted

Let's play! Let's play!
Throw the ball now!
Or let's tug
New rope, wow!

Only minutes
And all worn out
Really is
All about

Getting sleepy
Time to go nap
Snuggle wish
See a lap?

They may be big
But they don't care
Climb right up
In your chair

Warm and comfy
All is now good
Let me stay
Knew you would

All the crazy
The ups and downs
Worth it all
Smiles, not frowns

Only with us
A little while
Cherished time
Every smile

Labs have big hearts
And so do we
Part of our

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