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Why do we write for Writer's cramp

Why do we write?

40 lines

A writer is often asked
Why do you write?
What motivates you?
What keeps you going?

How do you handle the constant rejections?
The self-doubts
That comes with the writer’s life?

I write as many writers do
Because I must
Because the damn muse
Will never leave me alone

The characters in my head
Demand to let their voices be heard
Demand to be freed
To tell their tales

And I am a slave
To my muse
Who takes me
Where she will

No matter what
I must write every day

Usually starting my day
Drinking coffee
Watching the news unfold

Writing my thoughts
Letting the poetry flow
Out of my soul

Bleeding onto the computer screen
The words waiting to be spoken
To tell their tale
Before the day is over

That is why I write
Because I can not not write
That is the buddha nature
Of being a writer after all.

Where do your story and poem ideas come from? What impulse drives your theme or plot? Where does imagination begin and reality end?

Write a story or poem about where inspiration for writing comes from.

Make one of the genre writing.

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