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by AJ
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this is about someone I like, I love to write about it and things that's happening
there you are, standing in front of me, laughing and smiling. looking as beautiful as always, I can't take my eyes off you, you are too beautiful. and there it is again.. that feeling in my stomach. what is this? am I in love? is this normal? I'm lost, then you walk towards me, with those pretty eyes and amazing smile. I freeze, you say hi and I have no idea what to say. I say: ''hey, you look beautiful.'' I can see your cheeks heating up, it made me smile, and I then get snapped back to reality. realizing we're still on the streets, I see you smile back. I ask how you are and you say you have feelings for someone. my heart skips a beat, this horrible feeling in my chest. what is this feeling? why does it hurt so much? my smile started to fade, I'm searching for words, what do I say now? I then ask who it is, but you won't tell. I start to feel bad, why doesn't this feeling stop? what are you doing to me? we start to walk toward where we were headed, I'm dead silent and I can see you notice it. you ask what's wrong, and I don't know what came over me, I confessed... I say how you make me feel, how you make me smile and feel happy. feel safe, how you fill that hole that's inside of me. I see you smile, and I stop walking to look at you, you chuckle softly, and I'm confused. I ask what's so funny? you then made eye contact with me, and there it is... the feeling. she walks closer to me, stroking some hair behind my ear. I can feel my neck and face heat up. then she tells me that she feels the same, my heart stopped, and I can feel that feeling better than ever now. Do you like me back? how is that possible, such a beautiful person liking me? am I in heaven? I then get a little confused, I thought you liked someone? I say, she then laughs and I smile seeing and hearing your laugh. it was you dummy! she then tells me, suddenly it all comes together. she likes me back, it is finally happening! I can be happy, I can be with HER... then- I wake up, I'm back in reality... I open my eyes with a sigh and sit up, again... it was all just a dream...

hey guys! It's Aj, this is my first time on here I hope you liked this short story. I wanted to start writing to escape reality, I wrote this because it's happening in real life, I like someone but I don't know if they like me back, I'm scared they'll leave me when I tell them that because it happened to me before a few years ago and it broke me. I hope yall like it and I'm open to getting any ideas or tips, much love. AJ.
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