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A review of Earth is all too knowing - a rhyming poem.
The weather’s truly gorgeous,
Despite abundant messes -
Though viewed as quite rambunctious -
By millions, lethal stresses…
Construed in its totality,
The Earth is soaring gayly -
This frequent abnormality
Does happen - it’s just daily!

These legislative, ruling bodies
Certainly won’t yield,
Until the Planet Earth embodies
An ozone layer shield.
Our friends in solar, wind just narrate,
Implore these worldwide needs,
To practice clean and generate
This power from new seeds…

The end of fossil fuels, an error,
The ones that are sustainable,
We’re using from humongous terror -
Convinced they’re so attainable…
A look at global consequence
Reveals a long term strain -
There certainly is some common sense,
Amounts of more, less rain…

Snow, tornadoes, hurricanes,
River storms, and heat -
All these phenomena show gains,
And damages replete.
But the rights humanity
Exhibits, honors by mistake;
Perhaps these times, inanity,
Inclement ridges, shouldn’t shake!

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