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If someone would have asked this question a year ago my answer would be slightly different than it is today. I was unfortunately robbed in my own home while I slept a year ago this June. It was the most terrifying of all I have experienced in my 40-plus years. I don’t use the word terrifying lightly here. This was right before the California fires hit and were a top priority to find the two suspects. They were dumb enough to use my debit card at Walmart and were caught on camera just minutes after robbing my home.

It took them well over six months to find and arrest the two that did this. I had no chance of getting all that they had stolen. They took things from my garage as well as from inside my home. Some say when hearing this story that I am lucky to be alive. They are correct but when they took my laptop that was a real hit to my heart. I had not backed up and lost quite a bit of writing and pictures of my dad. He died in April 2020 of complications from COVID and those were the last pictures I have of him.

I an grateful to the Sheriff and Police department here in my city for their dedication to finding these two. The female is on probation and cut off from her tribal funds and the male is in prison for he is the one that broke in and stole from inside my home. I don’t believe that it should be at our expense, but I don’t exactly know another way around this system. But after what occurred with me, I am glad for any system that keeps these creeps(keeping the rating for everyone) behind bars.
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