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“Everything else in the car?”

“Define what you mean by everything else.”

“You know what I mean. Blanket, water granola bars, snow shovel, boots.”

“Good grief, Pam. We’re going to the store, not to Outer Mongolia. And I already said we had food.”

“Marcus, it’s winter. You never know when a storm could overtake us. You remember that blizzard back in ’78. People were stuck for days on the roads without food or water or help.”

“We’re going five blocks to the A&P.”

“Still. We should always be prepared.”

Marcus sighed. He sat behind the wheel of their car, waiting for Pam to get settled.

“Are we ready?”

“Did we leave enough food and water for the cat?”

“Pam, by the time we get going the store will be closed.”

“Alright, but if we get stuck in a storm, I don’t want to come home and find Angel skin and bones.”

Pam fluffed her coat, fiddled with her purse. She adjusted her ski hat and mittens.

“Are you ready now, my queen?”

“Why are we still sitting in the garage? Let’s go before it gets dark. Goodness Marcus. You are such a worry wart.”

W/C 216
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