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Young King George Seeks Advice
"Should we challenge the Laurence's?" Young King George demanded to know.

George seemed close to what a King should be. Tall enough. Sparkling eyes, although the left was green and the right was a dull blue. His clothiers had been rushed, but achieved some success. No queen as yet, but there was time.

Across the throne room, the royal counselors stole quick looks at one another. Even in the dim light, each knew what the others were thinking. Was the new King considering war?

"Challenge?" your Grace, the Lord of Arms queried. A voice for caution.

"Yes!" George snapped back. "Repay their insolence with our might."

The Laurence's congratulations on George's coronation read "Congratulations on your Majesty's ascension. We await your acknowledgement of your fealty to Queen Marie."

George was young, but he knew that the Laurence's had traditionally pledged fealty to his family. Not the other way around. This could not be allowed to stand.

Counselors, as they often do, offered a multitude of conflicting advice. What was the new King to do?

"I need a wizard," George exclaimed.

A small girl, with long dark hair, was brought forth. Her age couldn't be determined, as she was if anything, overdressed, while still....

"You! A wizard?" questioned George.

"I can see the future," the young girl replied. A surprisingly strong response.

"And if we attack the degenerate Laurence's?"

"A new realm will arise," the girl replied, with a coquettish smile. "Led by a mighty Queen and King."

And so it was to be. The Johnson's armies rode forth to reclaim their King's honor.

As forecast, a new realm came to be.

With a Queen of long dark hair who stood by her lover's side. Marie had foreseen the future.
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