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I have love in my heart for those I was helping. Until I'm in their lives...
You don’t need any flowers
You don’t want true love
You’re into chasing and making money
There’s no room in your life for more

I chased you with flowers
Fresh roses in full bloom
And encased your life with art
I made your life a love filled fantasy

Being a very old soul
I know my real worth
You couldn’t see beyond my art
So I walked away and closed the door

You appreciate the finer things
You cherish 24 karat gold
But my love’s a blue diamond
Freely given, but can’t be bought or sold

Although I have been taken
You’ve been framed for life
I was looking for a beginning
But was sadly set aside in the end

I gave you my hand
Wiped away all your tears
Created for you a living opera
But you chose material wealth over true worth

I have retained my honor
My fraternal family’s love too
I don’t speak of gifts given
For my word is more solid than stone

(Speaking Part)
“My services are no longer given.”
I simply don’t bother dreaming (Pause) About you (pause) Anymore.

I’m wearing a black tuxedo, Shrine Fez, and black facial mask walking in a sacred grove at night in winter (Film on February 14th). Throughout the song he is holding a red rose in full bloom. At the end of the song, he arrives to a Masonic temple and removes his Fez upon arrival and is invested with his apron by several brethren. The scene shifts to the cover of my novel.
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