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by Espero
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Celebrated in U.S. Dec. 17; In Canada, March & April
National eat maple syrup for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time Day.

In the United States it is celebrated December 17th. In Canada the months of March and April

Most of us love Maple Syrup but it is a costly item in the grocery store, so we consider it to be a luxury item.

Did you know that it has been drizzled over everything from pancakes, waffles, eggs, salad, to bacon. Yes, Maple bacon has a wonderful flavor!

Thousands of years ago in the Northeast Region of the United States indigenous people extracted syrup from maple trees.

When the European Colonists arrived, it was introduced into the Old World. Sugar had to be imported from the West Indies so it was a great substitute as it could be kept as liquid or crystalized. During WWI when sugar was scarce, it was used as a sweetener.

A maple tree can be tapped for more than 100 years.

Canada leads the world in the export of maple syrup. They export as much as $270 million.

The process of using flat sheet pans in the boiling process allowed for faster evaporation. This is known as Flat Track.

Some people even mix maple syrup with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and there are various types of maple sugar candy today.

We should all appreciate maple syrup as it takes 40 gallons to make 1 gallon of syrup.

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