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Love Affair with Korean Food for Writer's cramp

Love Affair with Korean Food

Love Affair with Korean Food

I love Korean Food
I always have
Part of my personal history
This love affair with Korea
That has lasted almost 45 years

What makes this special is

I love Kimchi
The pickled cabbage dish
That is the heart and soul
Of Korean food

I love hearty Korean stews
Particularly in the winter
I love Korean BBQ bulgogi
Kalbi ribs
and Chicken with Beer

I love sashimi
I love sushi
Even life octopus

I love it all
And will enjoy
Eating Korean food
Until I eat no more

" Winner and New Prompt - Due Monday, Feb 6th" 17 hours 37 minutes 10 seconds
You gotta love it. Love covers your favorite food, drink, movie, and just about anything you favor. Used sarcastically, it even covers the opposite. Write about a 'love' for the most inane and crazy thing there is, including in bold What makes this special is

Make one of the genre histories.

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