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Alaska Trip Derailed for writer's cramp

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Sam Adams
Had been trying to get
To Alaska
For almost 60 years
Part of his quest
To visit all 50 states

When he was a child
His father drove them
Across the States
And Canada.

They got as far
As Yellowknife
90 miles from the Alaskan border

Before his father
Decided to head
Back to California.

Almost 50 years later
Sam and his wife
Prepared to finally
Travel to Alaska

They made it as far
As Yakima Washington
Where their car broke down
And they missed their cruise

They headed back
To Korea
Vowing to make
It to Alaska someday.

Based on a true story - I made it to Alaska in 2017 and had car problems and almost missed my cruise sailing. Alaska was a big “meh” for me, not that impressed although I completed my 50-state quest on that trip.

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