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Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2290728
Strange Goings On Daily Flash Fiction 2/16/23

“I have proof.” Instantly I regretted raising my hand.

“Oh really? Pray tell, O’Reilly. Tell us all about it.” Mr. Herbert leaned against the wall, gave me that ‘I dare you!’ stare.

“Well, it could be..” I started.

“Oh no! You must stand.”

Pushing off from my desk, I began. “Well. First there was this object in the sky, then those animals dying in Ohio, then that huge earthquake on the other side of the world.” I took a deep breath. “I think the aliens are getting ready to attack.”

Everyone in class roared with laughter, Mr. Herbert among them.

“Really, O’Reilly, what do a bunch of unrelated incidents have to do with a supposed alien attack?”

“With all seriousness, I propose that they’re getting us focused on strange events to take the attention away from what’s really going on.”

More laughter, giggles, snickering filled the room. I sat down, feeling defeated.

“Class, we meet tomorrow, if indeed there is a tomorrow. Perhaps Mr. O’Reilly has filled our heads with unnecessary nonsense. Study chapter twelve.”

I filed out, unwilling to meet anyone’s glance. Once back in my room, I checked the internet for more news.

Suddenly a message interrupted the news. A red banner with bold black letters: ‘Get ready, James. We’re coming to collect you.’

I threw down my phone. What? Surely Colin’s messing with me.

I knocked on his door. He answered, looking all disheveled.

“Did you just message me?”

“Dude! Let’s go!” He ran back in, grabbed his shabby backpack.


“Seriously! They’re here!” Colin pushed me out then ran down the stairs.

In the middle of the hall, classmates scurried about me like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Back in my room, I waited. They said I’d be collected. Perhaps it’d be quick and painless.

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