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Basically I wore a diaper to school 🏫
True story. My names Natasha but everyone calls me Tash. I’m 19 I use to wet the bed until I was 17. (I still do now occasionally about once a month or so) This story begins when I was 16. I woke up with a wet tena diaper it had a wetness indicator and it was almost up to the top. I have an older brother Tom who was 22 at the time and I get along really well with him. He felt my butt and said wet night at the water works. I blushed and said “shut up.” I ate breakfast and was running late and I was in such a rush that I put the uniform on and forgot to have a shower normally I had 2 a day. I was renowned has the hot girl at school. But I had forgotten to take of my diaper. I was on the bus now so it was to late to do anything. My friend Jess knew I wet the bed and could tell I had my diaper of under my skirt. “You’ve still got your diaper on she whispered to me.” I told her I forgot to take it off she took me and we ran out to the supermarket which was 3mins away we went in and tried to find some panties. And couldn’t Jess said you could put these on which she was holding up goodnites (xl the old ones which were smaller) which didn’t really matter because I hadn’t had a daytime accident at school since yr4. We were in the checkout and saw a person from our year who asked why we were buying them. I didn’t know what to say lucky Jess said that she was babysitting the in the arvo and didn’t have time to get them then. There was a public bathroom outside the shop and we went in there I took my diaper off.. I put a goodnite on I have a big butt which meant that it barely fit. I asked Jess if it was noticeable she said no. I was surprised that nobody really knew I had a big wet diaper on in the store. Anyway we just got back to school on time. Nobody noticed anything until I stood up and my goodnite got stuck in my skirt the teacher was the only one who saw it and called me over and asked if I was having daytime accidents. She was my home room teacher and knew I wet the bed because mom signed the form and ticked the box that I wet the bed.
I explained to her the whole story she had a smile and told me to sit back down. At the end of the day I caught the bus home and really needed to pee I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer so I realised into the goodnite hoping it would hold. Turns out it held a bit but not enough, it leaked onto the chair and my bus friends asked if I wet myself.I replied with yes amd and they started laughing. But they didn’t really care to much after awhile and that is my embassing story
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