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by babo4
Rated: E · Other · Philosophy · #2291150
What awaits us at the end?
in the grand scheme of things, nothing really matters
but i am caught in the waves, and must swim against the tide
that is all i know to do, and all i will ever be able to do
when my strength gives out and i can swim no more
where will i be swept to? perhaps a peaceful place

we will never know what lies beyond the horizon
what the new day brings even tomorrow
but our eyes only ever look forward
as they cannot see themselves from within
when my vision dims and fades away
what then will i see? perhaps a peaceful place

life was never meant to be fair
one must sow, while another reaps
but there is a season for all things
and no flower can bask in the sun forever
when my time is done and i wither away
what will await me then? perhaps a peaceful place
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