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Some will decry the lunacy, while others will see a mild recession as okay - a poem.
Heaven shall launch a constructive era
In new American wincing and waxing;
An augmented vision and prospective focus
Aligned with the doldrums
Of fanciful wherewithal;
Political unity will continue to castrate
These representative government entities
Into further submission.
And juvenile leanings will harken
A future distrust of faithless altruism
Once seen as so morally encompassing…

Lay-offs will further rile the landscape -
Viewed in numbers reported
Months later,
These unemployment statistics
Will feature a weather balloon
Of faltering, withering demand;
The Fed target of two percent inflation
Is seriously out of whack
At around the current five and a half percent,
And folks are living with extreme
Amounts of debt and virtually no savings;
And with the costs of housing, fuel,
Heating, and groceries looming,
A slight economic contraction
Is on the quarterly horizon -
The bearish sentiments will then endeavor
To ostensibly restrict pompous,
Bullish gains seeking -
And the mutually exquisite positivity
In the uncertain world today,
Both geopolitically and financially,
With its central banking reductions
In the money supply,
Shall bring about its societal thesis
Of a soft recession
And the possible slowing down
Of interest rate hikes;
And the hopeful limits
Of reduced and slower-rising
Tax rates will stimulate the common sense,
Restorative wealth seeking
So kindly prescribed by the leaders
Of our virtuous and sane
Economic system,
In the blustery aftermath
Of this global, obtuse apprehension…

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