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Another Page of Trinkets, Awardicons, Merit Badges and What Ever I Make.
This is my second page of Trinkets I have made and Awardicions as well. I ran out of room on my first page.
Special Leadership Award Plaque from Angel Army.
My Merit Badges and Trinkets Page  (E)
Merit Badges I had commissioned and Trinkets friends helped me make. I made some as well.
#2123111 by Princess Megan Rose GOT Fox

Quill Finalist Logo 2022

Beautiful Trophy from Sherri & Simply Positive Group for being Simply Positive Reviewer
Beautiful Blonde Angel Image From Lynda.

Purple Princess and Dragon Plaque
Purple Princess and Dragon Medal
Purple Princess and Dragon Ribbon

I had Richard commission this Badge for me and everyone to share. I adore Princesses.
Merit Badge in Twilight Snow Princess
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Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday Week!  *^*Heartg*^**^*Heart*^* *^*Cow*^*  Felice Navidad!!  *^*Holly1*^**^*Holly2*^**^*Balloong*^**^*Balloonr*^*

I had Richard commission this one for me. I love Santa riding a polar bear.
Merit Badge in Santa's Ride
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Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday Week!  *^*Heartg*^**^*Heart*^* *^*Cow*^*

I had Richard commission this Snow Angel Merit Badge:
Merit Badge in Snow Princess
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Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Week!  Enjoy another adorable badge for your collection!  *^*Heart*^**^*Heartg*^*

I had Richard commission this Christmas Angel Badge:
Merit Badge in Christmas Angel
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Happy Birthday Eve and Happy Holidays!  *^*Heartb*^**^*Heartg*^*

I had Richard commission this Merit Badge of a lavender Teddy Bear I own named Prince. After Prince the singer, of course.
Merit Badge in Lavender Teddy Bear
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Here is a cute Teddy beauty that you designed!  How lovely for New Year or any time to lift the spirits!!  Beautifully done!!  *^*Heartv*^**^*Heartp*^*

Jane Austen Romance Couple Badge
Merit Badge in Jane Austen Story Couple
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In celebration of the beautiful badge!  Thank you for all your wonderful work honoring Jane Austen and her characters!  *^*Heartp*^**^*Heartv*^*  Happy Valentine's Week!!  *^*Heart*^**^*Heartp*^*

Princess, Wolf and Dragon Badge
Merit Badge in Princess Fantasy Friends
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To celebrate you and your wonderful new merit badge!  Thank you for all that you do here to make it fun and enjoyable for others!  Happy Easter Week!!  *^*Heartv*^**^*Heartp*^*  HOOves

Collect a Trinket you don't have. I hope you will enjoy this page and check back often as I may be adding unto this. Thank you for stopping by.

Bella The Cat's Point Of View  (E)
My cat Bella and her point of view.
#2230477 by Princess Megan Rose GOT Fox

Angel, Red Rose and Book

Easter, Bunny and Lamb:

Princess and Fox

Nancy Drew

Snow Angel

King and Queen Trinket

Jane Austen Trinket

Cinderella Trinket:

Me and My Cat Bella Trinket:

Me and My Two Cats Trinket:

Elizabeth and Darcy, P&P

Baby Dragons Trinket

Alice In Wonderland Trinket

Princess and Baby Dragons

My Pink Baby Dragon and Teddy Bear

Princess and Easter Bunny Trinket
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