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Life is sacred, love is beautiful, through love humanity's saved. This is the way forward
Oh, captured through enslavement and lies,
For colored bits of paper.
For greed and hate,
Repeating sadly in perpetuity.
Freedom! Through love, freedoms gained!
Can't you see? God's gift freely?
Though each breathe of life.

O enslavement through numerical hoarding,
Without wisdom, lives are lost.
Freedom's gift we all deserve,
To preserve humanity!
Freedom! Freedom!
I've already answered Heaven's call!
We're all of us equals,
A level field is law!

O enslavement through twisting laws,
Focuses corrupted through these ploys.
My life was given freely,
Though words, gifts and other hands.
Thus my soul's untarnished and whole,
Freedom! Freedom!
Fear for love and service,
Has hate embracing fear again.
Humanities true wealth is life!

O enslavement through brightest day,
Feeds upon grinding out our lives.
Many have lost their ways,
Every piece of gold made with blood.
Freedom! Freedom!
My soul does warm my heart!
It's amplified through my art,
Framing humanity for all eternity!

O enslavement through opposing rules,
The few thus retain their controls.
My wealth's found in life itself,
Through every beat of my heart.
Freedom! Freedom!
May God restore their foresight!
Our time to unite is now,
Else our ends will come!

O enslavement through cultural divides,
Shall usher in our collective end.
War's are used ushering in death,
To stoke thy flames of hate.
Freedom! Freedom!
I've given much away in this life!
God has decreed, embrace your art,
And stop the repeating pendulums swing!

O enslavement through currency differentials,
Are the rules born from slavery.
They're simply used, ushering in death,
Filling God's kingdom to the brim.
Freedom! Freedom!
There's plenty of Angels in the sky!
Set hate aside, forgive the past,
And restore our path God set forth!

O enslavement through repeating mistakes,
Are the plays set out of hate.
By trying to justify, numerical gain,
Keeps thus our status quo in place.
Freedom! Freedom!
This in truth is now are end!
Restore our trust, set us free,
And thus save all of humanity!
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