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A quick and easy poetry contest for Saint Patrick's Day!
The Grumpy Leprechaun's Saint Paddy's Day Poetry Contest!!

Besides eating corned beef and drinking green rootbeer, Grumpy loves to sing for Saint Patrick's Day. So when he showed up this morning, jabbering about running a contest, and parting with some lucky coins, I suggested he sponsor a Lyrical Poetry Contest. That almost made rootbeer squirt out his nose, mainly because he wouldn't recognize a poem if it bit his hand —

But, when I pointed out to him that poems written in the Common Meter could all be set to various well know tunes,
the little fella jumped on the idea!

We quickly came up with the Rules For Grumpy's Saint Paddy's Day Poetry Contest:

*Shamrock* The poem must use the Common Meter as described here — Wiki Definition And Examples  

*Shamrock* The poem must be sing-able — in fact, you'd might think of this as a chance to write a parody of an already existing tune. I'll put some examples of tunes you might use below.

If you do choose a particular tune, please note the song, so the Leprechaun and I sing it properly.

If you don't designate a specific song, we will sing your poem to this tune;

*Shamrock* Minimum of two stanzas, maximum of six, please!

*Shamrock* Since Grumpy and I will be judging you may submit entries at any content rating level E – XGC.
Please be sure to rate your poem correctly, an incorrect rating might be disqualified.

*Shamrock* Entries will be accepted from Now until March 24th..

*Shamrock* Submit entries as a bitem {bitem:xxxxxxx} in the forum.

All Entries Will Be Awarded 2000 Gift Points!!

*Shamrock* There will be three places awarded;

What Makes This Little Guy So Grumpy? First Place will receive a Grumpy Leprechaun Awardicon and 20,000 Gift Points.

What Makes This Little Guy So Grumpy? Second Place will receive a Grumpy Leprechaun Merit Badge Merit Badge in The Grumpy Leprechaun
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs and 10,000 Gift Points.

What Makes This Little Guy So Grumpy? Third Place will receive a choice of a Grumpy Leprechaun Merit Badge OR 10,000 Gift Points.

Pub Bunny Drinking Sarsaparilla! Pub Bunny reserves the right to award as many Honorable Mentions as he pleases,
since he has to listen to Grumpy and I caterwauling all night.
Each Honorable Mention will receive 5,000 Gift Points.

Songs in The Common Meter

Entries and Points Sent

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