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Most attempts that end in horrific consequences are worth it - a poem.
Knives begrudgingly cut and shear
With a structured incidence rate;
Weapons excoriate and demote,
Demonstrating their reckless
And harmful uses;
Untold evil events befoul
And denigrate the blue-green orb;
Monstrous deeds injure and maim
Our twice fallen heroes and victims.
And the ethics of where we were
And why we’re here forever
Tear apart our inclement souls! 

Yet, were it not for that cold,
Callous, brave, and marshaled
Breath of desultory truth,
We would stand alone
In acute isolation. 
For our courage to live,
We sacrificed that murderous meltdown.
By suffering through some indulgent recipes,
We divulged cantankerous odds
That gorged and disheveled us -
And we claimed a solid victory;
The courageous spirit
To spread out and release
A pulpit of heaven’s fine creed;
And terminate yet again
The elasticity of life’s unending shield
For an excuse - an efficient solvency -
A declaration of victorious substance
Known as sweat and blood;
For a proud attempt at valiancy
For pure humility
And distinct honor. 

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